Crystal Jade Restaurant 翡翠酒家

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What I hate most is I gotta figure out my way to look for food in KL. One reason is because I don’t have a GPS that could guide me to the destination, second reason while you’re doing your shopping in a mall, you will tend to eat in instead of driving out for food.

And this is where I landed for my lunch when I was in KL.

Crystal Jade Restaurant, if am not mistaken is a franchise chain Chinese restaurant based in Singapore. They first opened in Lot 10, and then followed by Pavilion and this The Garden Mid Valley. In fact, I’ve dined in one of their outlet in Pavilion last year.

2009_12_25 Crystal Jade 012a

Food here is no doubt to query. In fact, I do quite like their Xiao Long Bao. That’s why without second thought we have that for our lunch.

2009_12_25 Crystal Jade 006a

A plate of fried rice seriously is huge in serving. Just nice for two person to have. It’s fragrant, and you could see the bits and pieces of rice.

2009_12_25 Crystal Jade 014a

Since I didn’t take full course of lunch, we ordered something simple like Siew Mai as well. Moisture, and the meat and prawns are fresh and tender.

2009_12_25 Crystal Jade 013a

A plate of assorted meat like Roasted Duck, Steamed Chicken and Roasted Pork was ordered as well. It serves with special made sauce for that.

Overall we both have a satisfactory lunch, though a bit pricey. Well, for the reason of short break, guess worth it.

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Address & Contact Number
Crystal Jade Restaurant 翡翠酒家
Lot T 210, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603-2283 3129
Note: Non Halal


Duckie said…
my hubby will definitely like the assorted meat dish!!!
Steven Goh said…
is time for you to invest a GPS dee. :)
allie said…
Looking at he plate of fried rice, it's like I can smell the fragrant in front of my pc :)
Sweet Jasmine said…
Didn't know they have Crystal Jade in KL. I just tried out this restaurant on my recent trip to Singapore. I like the siau long pau and the fried rice very much. Hope they open one in Penang too.
foodbin said…
fried rice looks very fluffy.
Waco said…
I like all the dishes you ordered. Fried rice + roasted duck/pork were a good combination.
gill gill said…
try the 5 grain fried rice 五谷炒饭, its really good. especially the pine nuts in the rice, give the moist, and fragrant to the gran.
Big Boys Oven said…
hahaha I meet the owner for an exclusive meet up, should be posting about it soon! :)