Bee See Heong 美時香餐室

It’s been awhile I didn’t visit this place, last weekend two couples were sat down at this place and have tasted their signature dishes. What make us very pleasant is our friend is happy with the food there.

Now that we got to go out together and shopping together, not because of anything but we shared the same objective right now. At times, am thinking isn’t this is like a beauty affair? At times we both pairs were like in such a dilemma that should we do this or that. Will that make it nice and comfort… and also is this practical if we fix this and that… and these questions are always pop into our conversation. Both women’s husband would also agree to have a day off for some sourcing work, comparing quotation and also sourcing some materials for that ‘objective’.

Probably some people find it fun, and some find it enjoyable… but all these while I don’t quite like it. That’s why many of my friends find me really abnormal, cuz, that’s something in life that it’s hard to achieve now especially with the current inflation circumstances. Secondly, when comes to this such huge project in life, somehow, the other party that helps you to erect or demolish, they just count every single penny from you. Whether you like it or not, this is the fact of life.

Especially at the time you’re rushing them, they will give all sorts of excuses… I wonder to myself, how could some owner could have so many ‘objectives’ in life? I truly wonder, I find that truly amazing! Don’t you think so?

Many will curse like hell when come to an extend that every dollar and cents is flowing out from your pocket like pouring water. And yet, you don’t seem to see much of the thing from whatever you’d spent.

The worst… you will be under tremendous of stress that you can’t even sleep well, or eat well, or eat a lot till stomach bloated up. Well, for my case, I can’t even coop with this and whatever stress that I currently have at work. Can you imagine that stress till that you could get up at 3am and start wondering what in the world that I missed out for my project? Gee… that’s damn frustrating.

2010_08_08 Kg Benggali 002a

The signature Indonesian Prawns.

2010_08_08 Kg Benggali 005a

Simple stir fried Bitter Gourd.

2010_08_08 Kg Benggali 003a

Protein input, Fry Egg. Cantonese called this “Foo Yong”.

2010_08_08 Kg Benggali 006a

Some evil sin… like Belachan Chicken.

2010_08_08 Kg Benggali 009a

Seaweed soup, with some fish balls.


Little Inbox said…
Pal, the project still in progress? It's like few months already, right?
Christina Kim said…
This is in Butterworth right? Awwww, poor you, chill out, that project is killing you...take good care kay...=)