Chinese New Year: Day 1 Lunch 大年初一

Chinese prone to have many customs and traditional forbidden rules, for example, any family that has conducted any funeral within a year, it’s advised not to celebrate Chinese New Year. They believe this is disrespect to the deceased. The Hokkien believes not to celebrate any major festive for almost 3 full years, the major festive or prayers are mainly Winter Solstice (Dongzi 冬至), Chinese New Year Day 9 Heaven God Prayer, etc.

Like I mentioned before, because of my late Mother-in-law passing, we were on vegetarian for full 49 days, this year new year, we did not celebrate, not even mentioned about reunion. Because of all that, it’s the children’s duty to look after the left behind father. Thus, it was my first encounter to prepare new year dishes for the first time.

Many people believe or rather Buddhist believes on any day1 or day 15 of the lunar month, is advisable to consume vegetarian food. So, with that belief, I cooked vegetarian dish for the day, apart from that, I also cooked others.

2012_01_23 CNY Day 1 005aSing Ning’s Style of Vegetarian Dish (寧素菜)

Foo Yu (), 2 cubes
Nam Yu (南乳), 2 cubes
3 to 5 Tablespoon of sugar
Cloud Ear Fungus (雲耳) 100 gram, soaked in water
Chinese Cabbage, 800 gram (Cantonese called that Wang Nga Bak (芽白)
1 Tablespoon chopped ginger
Deep fried beancurd skin & Glass Noodle (冬粉 Tang Hoon)

1. Mash both type of fermented bean curd into a small bowl
2. Cut the Chinese Cabbage into 1 inch to 1.5 inches long
3. Heat the wok with about 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil
4. Add in the chopped ginger and stir fry it till fragrant
5. Add in the mashed fermented bean curd and stir fry it till frangrant
6. Add about 2 cups of water, let it boil and add in the fungus and the vegetables
7. Let the ingredient soak into the boiling sauce and simmer it till the vegetable soften
8. Once done, dish out the dish, and add in the deep friend beancurd skin and glass noodle in the sauce

2012_01_23 CNY Day 1 007a 
Hoe See Fatt Choy (Dried Oysters and Black Hair Moss Braised Mushroom) (發菜蠔豉燜)

Pork Leg, 500 gram (Half legged size)
Dried Oysters 400 ounce ()
8 Dried Mushrooms
4 tablespoons dark soya sauce
100 ounce of Black Hair Moss (發菜)

1. Boiled the pork leg for about 20minutes
2. Soak the dried mushrooms till it soften
3. Soak the dried oysters and wash it clean
4. Prepare the slow cooker pot and put all ingredients into the pot except the black hair moss
5. Cook it thru for about 2 to 3 hours on high heat then turn into low heat after 2 hours
6. Last is to put the black hair moss into the pot before serving
7. Salt to taste

2012_01_23 CNY Day 1 006a 
Steamed Waxed Meat (蒸臘肉)
This is the most easiest dish the other 2. You just have to steam the meat for about 20 to 30minutes and cut it into strips. 


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