Ah Keat Seafood 阿吉海鮮飯店

I was actually attracted by What2See’s post on Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant over in Butterworth, as such I suggested to my family let’s have dinner down there last week.

It’s pretty easy to locate, if you’re taking the Butterworth Outer Ring Road, all the way from Penang Bridge heading to Sungai Petani Road and left turn when you see the signboard says Sungai Dua, Bagan Lallang, or Raja Uda. Follow the road till you will see a Mobil Petrol Station on your left, and stay close to left lane, and you’ll see Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant at the junction of the main road of Jalan Raja Uda.

Since my parents didn’t wanna have seafood for the night, we actually order simple food.

I have to say the food here is tastily, and it’s full of ‘wok hei’ (鑊氣). Before we walked into the restaurant, we can actually smell the food… and that makes you really can’t resist to enter.

Sweet and Sour Pork Rips (排骨王) was ordered. This is my all time favourite. Don’t know why…. And I’d just loved this dish since small.

We also order a Hot Plate Braised Bean Curd (鐵板豆腐). The side dishes that accomplished to this bean curd are cauliflower, onions, baby corn, oyster mushroom and so on.

Chicken Dice with Dried Chili (辣椒乾炒雞丁), it doesn’t really look cut those chicken meats into dice, but could see some bones attached. Taste wise, good in fact.

Steam Fish with Thai Sauce (泰式蒸魚). We didn’t order any expensive fish, but a simple one like Sea Bass Fish (Ikan Siakap). This type of fish would have mud smell, if you don’t like that kind of smell, you probably may not be able to have it.

Some greens that accomplished the dinner. A simple stir fry vegetables (清炒時菜) with other side dishes like shrimps, sea cucumber, carrots, baby corn and so on.

My sis told me for a start this place is only operated in a corner house where it is right now, and only now they have bought over their next door and expanded their business into present condition.

What’s famous here is their Tom Yam Soup and Fried Porridge. We didn’t get to order because parents didn’t really like those mentioned. What my sister noticed now, they also have kept a big giant white snakes in a cage that’s next to their shop. Isn’t this is illegal? I wonder.

Other Review
Son of Penang

Address & Contact Number
No. 6881 Lorong Merbau 1
Off Jalan Raja Uda
13000 Butterworth
Tel: +604-323 3319, +6012-425 8552, +6012-491 8736

Business Hour
Daily from 5pm – 1.30am


Steven Goh said…
the dishes are nice leh. Mouth watery while reading your blog during midnight. Btw, how's the pricing like?
Food Paradise said…
wow...should really make an effort to try it out soon.
Bits said…
Your food review makes me drool.... I will surely try it out if I happen to drop by that place!
J2Kfm said…
wait, the giant white snakes as pets? or food?!!! shudder to think.
Food For Tots said…
So many reviews with good comments for this seafood rest! Must be really really worth the try. ;)
Lingzie said…
big white snakes ah? what do they do with the snakes i wonder?? hopefully not to eat!! O_O
butterworth really got a lot of good things to eat. too bad my parents dont really like to travel over the sea for food during the weekends... scared bridge jam!
worldwindows said…
Simple appetizing tai chow to warm the belly. White snake for photoshoot! I am not surprise if it is Thailand. Maybe a mascot or a good luck charm!
~Christine~Leng said…
I've note tried any food at Butterworth before :)
Usually go for hawker food while in Penang ;P haha

Will drop by to try next time!
Shell (貝殼) said…
Quite some time never eat at seafood restaurant... must plan a dinner visit there to eat "geng-geng"^^
Hi Little Inbox, Steven, the price is ok, except the fish, the fish cost about RM32, the rest is at RM10 only.

Hi Food Paradise, ya, why not? Give it a try la.

Hi Bits of Life 'n' Taste, thanks for dropping by. Remember to share ya?

Hi J2Kfm, I think more of a pet. How can it be food??? White snake?? But honestly it irritates me. What if small kid walk pass? Won't they get scared?

Hi Food for Tots, I was told their Tom Yam is superb!

Hi Lingzie, I think that's their pet, and lucky charm?? hahahaha

Hi Worldwindow, the white snake?! absolutely have no idea what's that for? probably their pet. but weird to me.

Hi Christine, good to see you here! Well, Butterworth has a lot of good food also.

Hi Shell, glad to see you here again! Well, seafood is an expensive food, so, can only afford once in a while. :)
Anonymous said…
The food looks delicious! Thanks! I will sure pay a visit~~~
rukawa said…
read this blog in forwarded email form, went to try with my friend last month. Conclusion: Worst ever dining experience!
1. the place is always FULL with customer from opening to closing. You know why? Because everybody has to wait MINIMUM 30mins from order to dish serving. My encounter, waited 50mins before first dish is served!
2. losing my patient, i went to counter to pay my drinks and plan to split. Cashier refused and the cook looked at me like "WTF"
3. Cook tag-line "we cook what, you eat what, WTF". Story line: my friend ordered "Kam Heong (cantonese) bamboo clamp", but the one served looks wet and no curry at all. I asked the waiter "what is this?". "sweet and sour bamboo clamp!" she replied. Then i asked "What did we order?". "Kam Heong bamboo clamp!" she replied without any hesitation. "Well, our cook may be want to cook all the same (meaning dont want to wash the wok so many times), sooo..." the waiter add on and looking at me as if i need to take it or leave it, WTF! I tell her "I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS!". So, she took it back to the cook. After 5mins, she came back with the same plate of "thing", just re-wok again with some chillies and still wet like "sweet and sour!" WTFFFFFFF!
4. 2 crabs fried with salted egg yolk, 2 steamed mantis prawn, 1 plate of so called "Kam Heong + sweet & sour" bamboo clamp cost us RM130!

Well, if you can wait, dont mind what being served and dont mind pay more, why NOT!
rukawa said…
oh ya, if you want to try seafood, might as well go to Long Xiang (Seafood) Restaurant 龍鄉海鮮, just right across the street opposite Ah Keat Seafood.
rukawa said…
oh ya, if you want to try seafood, might as well go to Long Xiang (Seafood) Restaurant 龍鄉海鮮, just right across the street opposite Ah Keat Seafood.
seafood chef said…
Wow, the food looks great!