Starview Restaurant (Prai) Sdn Bhd 仙景樓飯店

I know I’ve not get over the Yee Sang thing as commented by After Giovanni. But I still gotta get it done otherwise, it will be lied in my draft folder for another year. [LOL]

This dinner was held on the 7th Day of CNY, that’s what everybody call it Everybody’s Birthday. This day, mostly Cantonese will cook fish porridge and birthday noodle for the family. And Yee Sang is a must dish for that day too.

Some how this year, mom is too tired to cook, decided to eat out, and here we are in Star View (Prai Branch).

With all the Yee Sang that I’ve had thru out the CNY, this is the best Yee Sang that I’ve tried compared to Vistana Hotel’s Reunion, Kim Hee Restaurant in Seberang Jaya and Four Season Tea House.

Since we didn’t want the full CNY Package, the captain was nice to introduce these simple dishes for us which consists of chicken, bean curd, pork ribs, vegetables, etc.

My sister loves the bean curd so much, she said it’s smooth and soft. But I like Abalone that put on top.

Dad loves the vegetable; he said the serving is very generous.

The salad prawns are fresh, and it’s tender and juicy.

The chicken is nice, I believe its coated with flour and deep fried before it stir fry with honey and their special sauce.

Braised Pork Ribs is nicely done, and it’s braised with mushrooms, carrots and Chinese Leeks.

Basically, Star View is so well known that you need not to review much of their food quality. Please refer below for other reviews.

Other Review
BM Kia

Address & Contact Number
Starview (Prai) Restaurant
Kompleks Megamal Pinang - China Town
2832-2934 Jalan Baru
Bandar Perai Jaya
13600 Prai
Tel: +604-397 1221, +604-397 1222
Fax: +604-397 1220


Food Paradise said…
I have not try the Starview at Prai yet. May be should drop by one day. Thanks for sharing!
Duckie said…
didn't know they have a brach in prai!!! i always liked starview
Anonymous said…
the chicken looks nice,and yes, the veg serving was really generous. How was the price?
Allie said…
The vegetable that you ordered is one of the famous dish in that restaurant. I luv the dish!
Steven Goh said…
wao... is fast to cover until Starview Prai leh. I wanna catchup also. For me I would prefer abalone dish also, nice leh. Btw, how come until now still got lou sang?
minchow said…
Starview is conquering Prai as well?! You didn't say that your last yee sang was at Starview... definitely saving the best for last huh? :-)
worldwindows said…
It nice to be able to trust the restaurant that produces consistently good quality food.
tigerfish said…
Love that vege dish with eggs!
Little Inbox said…
My colleague said this outlet's food serving is more generous compared to the one in island. Not sure is it true?
J2Kfm said…
Star View also got branch in Penang isle right?

yeah, the food looks good. love them peeled prawns.
choi yen said…
veggie in superior stock with salted eggs? I saw egg yolk~~
Anonymous said…
for me, their salad prawns are the best so far.. still cannot find a restaurant that can beat Starview at this dish yet
Food For Tots said…
We have our yearly reunion dinner at Starview Restaurant but haven't tried the Prai Branch. Will check it in my next Pg trip. Tks for sharing. ;)
Hi Food Paradise, you're most welcome.

Hi Duckie, it's been awhile already.

Hi Simple Girl, price is reasonable.

Hi Allie, is that so?? hahaha... I didn't know that.

Hi Steven, why still got lou sang?? Because this was taken on 7th day of CNY mah.

Hi 550ml jar of faith... hehehehe... though the last and it's the best!!

Hi worldwindows, it's hard to find a restaurant still maintaining it's quality of food.

Hi Tigerfish, that's my dad's favourite.

Hi Little Inbox, errr... I think so.

Hi J2Kfm, this branch has been here for sometime already.

Hi mimid3vils, my dear, that's salted egg yolk, this vege is meant to have 3 types of egg. Century egg, salted egg and an ordinary egg.

Hi vKeong, is that so??? What about CRC??

Hi Food for Tots, hope you'll be posting once you've visited them.

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