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Beach Blanket Babylon

After a long week stress, best to distress yourself by sitting at the sea side enjoying the breeze and some quality food. Distress doesn’t mean having a glass of wine or other liquor but a class of Ice Long Black Coffee or a Chilled Mango Juice is another way of enjoying your life. Of course, having your loved one with you is another bonus. Unwind yourself in this place with the tune of sea wave and sea breeze could make one self enjoy the fullest. Beach Blanket Babylon moved out from The Garage that is along Upper Penang Road back to their own 32 Mansion about a year ago. They are part of the 32 Mansion management which is YKH Group the premier chain of award winning restaurant, but Beach Blanket Babylon is offering casual finger food for those that enjoy quiet and tranquilizing moment on their own. Talking about Mr Yeoh Kah Hock, if I remember clearly his 1st opening was Boom Boom Babylon a discotheque cum night club near China Street Ghaut (where it’s near the old b


On our recent trip to KL, we had a pleasant lunch with our friend, and the place that they brought us to was Zipangu. Zipangu would not be any stranger to many KL folks, probably for Penangite, they would wonder where is this place. This is a fine dining Japanese restaurant located in Shangri-la Hotel in KL. Been to this restaurant once, this is our second visit. The atmosphere and the environment still the same; it gives people a tranquilizing feel when you dine though the price is rather hefty down here. I bet people are paying for the environment and the food quality. Anyway, since our friend is a Japanese food lover, best for him to make the order and we enjoy the food, and I could take this opportunity to snap as much photos as possible. Neither are we having any bento or set lunch for the day, hence, we have a la carte. 1st we have a mini cawanmushi for a start. The egg custard is simply smooth and fragrant. You couldn’t spot any steam hole in it, it was called it steam to p