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Stumble upon an article from Guang Meng Press on Malay Street’s Wanton Mee, and also a post by vKeong too. I’ve been searching for this stall almost every weekend when I am free, unfortunately this stall only opens on week days, that means I can only try this out on either a replacement holiday or a day off. That sounds pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Well, that’s not entirely true, when comes to food, whether it’s good or bad, it’s the enthusiasm in you to find it out and try it yourself, even others have told you how good or bad it is. It was on one of the Monday, I was trying my luck to see whether the stall is open for business or not. From far, I see a polypropylene shade covered the stall and I see smoke from the hot pot of boiler. I was telling myself, hey, that’s the lucky day for me. Instead of sitting under the polypropylene cover near the stall, I opted to sit opposite where they have lined a few tables along the opposite houses. Say about 3 to 4 tables and a few chai

Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服

  Sometimes it’s good to browse thru some foodie blogs, cuz, you will get to know new eatery place. In fact, I got to know about Kwong Sang House from one of the blog name 食 记 Yummy . And due to curiosity, that leads me to find out more about this. I heard so much about Behind 50 , unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit. Apparently it’s the same owner that established Behind 50 that branched out Kwong Sang House.   I believe I remembered a colleague of mine briefly told me about it, that Behind 50 plans to establish another branch some where around Leith Street area. Well, I believe this is the place – Kwong Sang House.               It’s funny to see a tailor shop transformed into a café and still keeping the originality in this shop. I would have to give a big applause to the owner that has such a creativity idea.  When we walked in, some 50’s or 60’s oldies was playing, and only a table that is occupied. Saw the lady busy capturing photo of this place, I believe this

Via-Pre Tavern on Habour

  Via-Pre…. Is an authentic Italian Restaurant that is talked of the town right now. Whoever asked what to go for dinner, for farewell, for lunch, or for gathering. This is definitely the place that I would recommend. All the foods are imported, even their chefs are from overseas, and at least I could spot a few of the good looking Italian folks!       You know you will just get pretty annoying when you know your other half has been to this new place for couple of times, and none of these you were in the dining opportunity. When you know at times you gotta make use of your Ace and demand for one. Well… it wasn’t a bad idea if you demand a good dinner on your anniversary, right? In fact, recommended this to one of my colleague, and he texted me while dining, and commented, the food is absolutely thumb up for its quality! Sometimes a food review doesn’t have to write a lot about its food but to share its picture and its presentation of the food. Of course, this little corne


  May 28 is a special day for both of us. A day that we made our vow and also a day that my brother-in-law was born. The wife and I made an appointment to meet up for breakfast and chit-chat. Sometimes, is good to have such close tie within the family. Since my in-law don’t really fancy American breakfast, hubby and I would have to blend along their preference. This is the place that we both have never got a chance to try, well… all sort of reasons and excuses, either parking lot not sufficient or this is just not for that day breakfast. Since, this initiated by my sister-in-law and we’ll just follow.   A shop that is only selling Lor Mee, specialist into Lor Mee and operates by husband and wife… apart from Lor Mee, you can also find other side dishes like Vegetarian Otak Otak, Nasi Lemak, etc. The place is clean, and spacious, few small tables and a couple of big tables that cater for a big group.   Noticed this Lor Mee is slightly ticker compared to those that I’d t