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Sushi Zento Japanese Restaurant 膳户

When this piece of land was covered up and constructing, which is now named Precinct 10 in Tanjong Tokong, hubby and I think that this is gonna be another talk of the town place in Penang. True enough, we could see many eating outlet down there. Sushi Zento is one of them… and so far, the only Japanese restaurant that serves pork meat. Seriously it’s hard to find Japanese food that is serving pork. And not many people aware that Japanese pork is different from the local type and even the Spanish type ( Parma Ham ). Anyway, I was even told this is actually owned by Azuma’s management too. I personally do not visit any new restaurant when they newly open, first of all, it is absolutely chaos when comes to serving and even the food lining up for the kitchen. Since I’ve encountered many times of disappointment, I rather wait till the operation is fully mature enough before I step foot into it. Sushi Zento is located at that eye catching area, big sign board, huge dining pla

Home Cooked Noodle Soup

When you are leaving nothing in the fridge to prepare for a meal.... You will tend to be creative. Agree?  Even though that leaves you basically nothing to cook but you ought to crack your head to think of something. Right? When comes to Friday, you wouldn't want to go anywhere but home.... Know why, the traffic from Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone to the Penang Bridge, honestly its killing. If you are driving a manual car.... You will want to go for shopping, before heading back home. For me, I didn't even want to go anywhere but home. Thank God, it’s an against traffic flow, thus, it’s not too bad, however, some time to get stuck in the traffic is also required. I wonder why are they not building a 4 lanes or 5 lanes of road? So, a simple meal for such day can be really easy at times to pass your Friday night. What I made was a simple noodle soup with minced meat.   Ingredients 2 cups of water 1 cube of chicken stock 2 stalks of spring onions, but I h

Clarke Street Koay Teow Th'ng

I came to know about this Koay Teow Th’ng stall from Food Paradise . All because this is definitely an unique one to me, cuz, no Koay Teow Th’ng in Penang giving so many meat balls or fish balls too. At least for this, is giving 4 different types of balls and one of those which is my all time favourite too, the Pork Tendon Meat Ball. Not many could take on this because of its aroma, but personally I like it because it has the ginger taste and smell too. And I only find this in Ipoh, it’s hard to find it in Penang, when I came across this, I just can’t help myself for not patronizing them almost every week. In fact, almost every weekend after a hike in Penang Hill, a group of us will sure visit this. Though the surrounding is not as hygiene as you think… but that doesn’t put many people off, some even could just wait there for a vacant table. Before I drafted this post, I got to know the history of this stall, and many called this as Ah Boy Koay Teow Th’ng . It was establi

Tau Yiu Bak (Soy Sauce Braise Pork Belly, 醬油燜肉)

Honestly this is the most fastest way and easiest way to prepare dinner for the weekdays! And it’s best to have it over night too, cuz, the ingredients are soaking into the sauce for 24 hours, surely make it fragrant and tasty. Honestly preparing dinner on weekdays is killing, time spending is way unexpected or even I should say not able to forecast. But, we still got to eat, right? No matter how tough, I got to pick up something. Eating out though food is nice, however the true fact is your wallet is getting thinner and thinner. Cooking could actually polish your cooking skills too. Mom never cooked this dish when we were young… I guess she didn’t like the cinnamon smells and the Chinese spices smell too. But, this dish ought to have these mentioned ingredients. Many of us have our ways of cooking this dish, some needs to pan fry the meat before braise, some will have to blanch it first and so on. Some would tell you need to braise for at least minimumly an hour, but, fo