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Two Frenchies

When you were on strict food diet for 100 days and all because you are just to comfort your mother and didn’t want to go against her wish. When the 100 days curfew lifted, I bet you will be like me, you will go all out to find food, to replace what you’d missed. I’ve been wanting to visit Two Frenchies Restaurant which I believe it was founded by 2 French friends whom once been here in Penang for 13 years and another one wanting to operate a restaurant here in Penang. When I called for a reservation, first word from Bruno the owner of the restaurant was “bonjour” . Oh ya, “bonjour” means “good day”.   That made you feel like am in France. 7 of us that used to lunch in in our cafeteria and today we decided to lunch out, a break from the hectic schedule. And also find time to meet up with an ex-colleague whom has decided to have early retirement. To cut the crap short, we enjoyed the laughter and companionship and non-sense that we cracked. It was a wonderful gathering de