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Passion Heart Cafe

I am not sure you will agree with me, good friends are hard to come by; especially friends that love to eat and searching for good food. Circle of friends can be varied from many interests, some just love food, some loves cars, movies, etc.   Some even formed a book club. A spontaneous lunch get-together is often arranged within the gang, and this round we were yearning for cempedak. Thus, we all agreed to have our lunch in Passion Heart which is located in Muntri Street. Apart from cempedak cakes that they have, they also have other dishes like mushroom soup, or pasta for lunch and breakfast too. But again, we were not going for anything like that but going for some locals instead - Jawa Mee.   Honestly the bowl of Jawa Mee is big, for a small eater, may have to share out. The bowl of Jawa Mee consists of crispy prawn fritter, prawns, bean curd, hard boil egg, yellow noodle, small amount of lettuce for garnishing, deep fried shallots, and last chili paste. Currentl

煲粥婆 Summer Time Restaurant

您同意嗎沒有東西可以比和一群朋友和同事一起吃午餐, 更令人高興的是每個人都期待著從繁忙的工作中偷偷溜出來吃一頓午餐。 管他是豐盛的午餐還是簡單的午餐。我們期待的是一陣短暫的歡笑和聚會。 煲粥婆曾經位於 Kampong Malabar (日本新路), 我一直試圖在這裡用餐多次,但很多次都讓我失敗, 要不它關門還是什麼的。我相信煲粥婆的前身是蘭亭粵菜小廚, 也是我試圖要光顧的地方之一。 據說許多網友和博客都介紹煲粥婆的招牌菜是螃蟹粥。 在檳城有許多地方都可以找到螃蟹粥,但是,如果您要像粵式粥這樣的粥,那麼這裡就是您的最佳選擇。 為什麼?因為他們煮的粥煮至軟綿綿, 加上他們用新鮮的材料例如螃蟹和蝦, 和撒些許芝麻油,那芝麻氣味簡直撲鼻使您感到飢餓。那芝麻氣味和新鮮的海鮮可以讓您吃上兩大碗粥。 一只独创手撕鸡必須提前一天預訂。我想他們需要一天醃製,這樣才可以使味道更完美。聽說手撕鸡是一道中国的地方传统名菜,属于川式凉菜。一般选用三黄鸡为原料,其中,外皮金黄可谓手撕鸡的卖点之一,在金黄的鸡皮上,晶莹而散发甘香,肉质细腻,油脂适中,鲜美含汁,嚼之既不油腻也不柴硬,并带有浓郁的鲜香味,直至骨髓。可是煲粥婆的作法和中国的传统名菜有點不同。煲粥婆的作法是燒烤的, 還有蝦餅和沙拉伴飾。還蛮不錯的。 炒青龙菜豆芽 - 青龙菜是近年來才成為桌上的最紅的菜肴。聽說只有怡保附近的金馬侖山上才有栽種,是一名劉姓退休的農業科學家近年才新培育成功的。青龍菜顏色淺綠,外觀似韭菜,口味也接近韭菜或青蒜,不過氣味淡一點,口感更爽嫩。大部分的人是拿來清炒要不就與綠豆芽同炒。 另一道菜就是川菜的水煮魚, 但我們選了石斑鱼。石斑鱼含有的蛋白质、氨基酸、脂肪丰富,而且吃的时候,也是比较容易消化,对身体各方面,都是不会有任何的损害。水煮魚是川菜經典, 香麻辣的麻辣湯底,蒜末,辣椒,花椒粒和乾辣椒還可以发挥御寒、益气养血功效。 龙皇豆腐,一道名字高档的菜肴。为什么会叫龙皇呢?有龙有皇吗?这里,我们要从它的做法说起。 先说龙皇豆腐的材料。制作龙皇豆腐,需要用到菇香,蛋青,鲜虾仁,还有豆浆豆腐,鲍汁等。可见,这道龙皇豆腐菜肴,用料还是挺讲究的,至少给人一种高档的感觉。不错,龙皇豆腐的确不是太大众,但自然也不是太贵,太贵了就不好消费了。 东

Two Frenchies

When you were on strict food diet for 100 days and all because you are just to comfort your mother and didn’t want to go against her wish. When the 100 days curfew lifted, I bet you will be like me, you will go all out to find food, to replace what you’d missed. I’ve been wanting to visit Two Frenchies Restaurant which I believe it was founded by 2 French friends whom once been here in Penang for 13 years and another one wanting to operate a restaurant here in Penang. When I called for a reservation, first word from Bruno the owner of the restaurant was “bonjour” . Oh ya, “bonjour” means “good day”.   That made you feel like am in France. 7 of us that used to lunch in in our cafeteria and today we decided to lunch out, a break from the hectic schedule. And also find time to meet up with an ex-colleague whom has decided to have early retirement. To cut the crap short, we enjoyed the laughter and companionship and non-sense that we cracked. It was a wonderful gathering de