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El Faro Tapas Bar & Wine

It has never been easy to find someone that has the same interest as you, or someone that can click or rather we term that as chemistry. But I guess I do have a group of friends that loves food. Whenever we are out for dinner with our superior, we will definitely love the food that we had. Be it is something high end or low end or even simple comfort food. I guess it’s the company that counts. Sometimes, we can laugh things out without realizing we are disturbing the other table. Sometimes we take that opportunity to share out our working problems, or even family matters. I treasure every moment we spent together even we do have dispute at work. Well… who doesn’t have right? As long as one could think rationally and let go without keeping everything in the heart, I believe any friendship would be stays strong and firm. And am sure everyone would agree with me that that’s the way we build the friendship. El Faro… a place where I discovered long time ago, and couldn’t find enoug