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Bee See Heong 美時香餐室

It’s been awhile I didn’t visit this place, last weekend two couples were sat down at this place and have tasted their signature dishes. What make us very pleasant is our friend is happy with the food there. Now that we got to go out together and shopping together, not because of anything but we shared the same objective right now. At times, am thinking isn’t this is like a beauty affair? At times we both pairs were like in such a dilemma that should we do this or that. Will that make it nice and comfort… and also is this practical if we fix this and that… and these questions are always pop into our conversation. Both women’s husband would also agree to have a day off for some sourcing work, comparing quotation and also sourcing some materials for that ‘objective’. Probably some people find it fun, and some find it enjoyable… but all these while I don’t quite like it. That’s why many of my friends find me really abnormal, cuz, that’s something in life that it’s hard to achieve now es

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant

** Sri Malaya has stopped operation ** Lately Penang has a lot of those cafés popping up in town, especially in UNESCO area. It gives many of us and even the tourist the choice of food and also a place for relaxing our mind. I’ve found a few in Penang, though time is always a problem to compromise, despite heavy work load. But am proud to see more and more this energetic young people came out to invent into this. Sri Malaya is one of them, a few good friends joint venture into this café business and decorated the entire place beautiful and pleasant. In fact, many of the furniture down there are basically old furniture but with their dedicated mind and finger, they turn each of these furniture into what it is now. I would have to give them a big applause for their creativity and dedication. How many of us will have the heart and mind to safe whatever it’s still usable. Anything that is barely usable couldn’t survive in many people’s life now. Perhaps the technology worl

Soul Kitchen Trattoria

By the time I read My Food Fetish ’s post, it was the last day of the promotion. But I guess I was considered lucky to taste the best Tiramisu in town. A special recipe that Tonio’s family has been making this Tiramisu, honestly it is making you wanting for more. Apart from Tiramisu that am keep talking about it, since this is newly opened, thus, what they have at that time was merely pasta. Pasta sauce was homemade and the only drawback was the pasta wasn’t handmade. However it didn’t fail the taste especially an unique flavor for this Penne Chicken al Limone (RM19). My all time favourite Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Olives (RM17). It was al dente, but it is absolutely perfectly suit my preference. Especially with the olive and capsicum fragrant, that makes the aglio olio fantastic. Tiramisu (RM7) per piece was the dessert gave away during that promotion if you order a cup of coffee. What makes that complete is to have a cup of Black Coffee (RM6) or a cup of Cappuccino (