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Ivy's Kitchen

We have been blogging about hawker delight, Korean food, Japanese food, Western food, but how many of us blog about Local Authentic Malaysian Food?? Well, it’s not difficult to find now. In fact, recently we were invited for a food review session which organized by Criz to Ivy’s Kitchen which is few doors away from Jemputree & Isaribi Japanese Restaurant. Food is serving is reasonable and the price is affordable too, especially each of everyone is under going this economy downturn, this is the place for you and me. Let me share with you what does Ivy’s Kitchen offer. Combo Set Meal A – Chicken Rendang RM9.00 B – Beef Rendang RM8.50 C – Nasi Lemak RM7.50 D – Fried Fish Meal RM9.00 (choice of cintan noodles, bee hoon, tanghoon and porridge) E – Curry Prawns RM9.00 F – Curry Lemak Fish RM9.00 G – Curry Assam Fish RM9.00 **All set meals will include fresh fruit juice and a jelly. Add on desserts are as follow – Rojak +RM2.00 (normal RM3.00) Red Bean Soup +RM1.00 (normal RM1.60)

Seventies 70's Latin Coffea

More and more eatery outlet had set up in Upper Penang Road, well, I believe it’s all cater for those people that having their time in Momo, Slippery Senorita, etc. And am sure some people after a few drinks would want to have some snacks. Found this Seventies 70’s down here, well, don’t get me wrong, am ain’t having any drinking session thus need some quick bite. In fact, this was told by my cousin sister who recently came and visit. And during the day she has nothing to do, she and her younger son wandering around and they found this place. Probably their food is acceptable; she told me that they had a good time that afternoon. Well, with that in mind, we visited them once, and that time was in a rush, and hubby needed a quick bite. So happened we were around the corner, and that’s how we landed at this place. He has a cup of coffee and I have a glass of orange juice. I know it looks miserable, but the word juice has answered all the queries. Fried Wonton. It’s about 12 pieces

Edgecumbe Mee Goreng

I was told this is one of the famous mee goring in town apart from the Esplanade & Bangkok Lane. Though I have not tried both of these mentioned. But it was very famous back in 1980s, and they were located in Edgecumbe Road which is off lane of Kelawai Road. That time, the customers will stand next to the smelly drain just to savour this famous mee goreng. But seriously how many of us know this stall was originated from the Padang Brown? Well, I was told that time they were waned due to change of traffic flow in Padang Brown, then they shifted to Edgecumbe Road. Then from there they moved over to Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney. What’s surrounding the stall, they have Mamak’s Rojak aka Pasembur. Drinks stall like Coconut drinks and even the cooling one like this… Ais Kacang! This would be the best selling during this season, the El Nino attacks season. Right? They were also featured in RasaRasa & also NST . Though many had find them drop in their standards, however, on

Food Loft / Ko-Fu-Loft 口福樓

I think I am too out-dated in blogging Food Loft as it has now changed to Ko-Fu-Loft ( 口福樓 ) since few days ago. Before I start with Ko-Fu-Loft, Food Loft used to have it’s conveniences to its customers’, as it’s a multi-racial of cuisine under one roof. You’ll have a choice to have Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Indonesia cuisine, Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine and so on. I find it weird to show you what Food Loft had offered, but seriously food for a start wasn’t impressing, but after months and weeks of doing it, I supposed practice make perfect, the food honestly has improved a lot. For example the Fried Hand Noodle that was once promoted in Food Loft and was told they hired somebody from China and make those noodles with the chef’s bare hand. It was tantalizing, and the food serving was reasonable too. Even figure food like Pie Tee also quite tasty. And now, 2 to 3 years later, from Food Loft to now Ko-Fu-Loft ( 口福樓 ), serving Dim Sum, some Chinese fo