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Home Cook Fish Head Noodle 魚頭米粉

I have not been putting any effort this week and last on my blog. Not any other reason but I have been busy at work and even worked over the weekends. And, not because of am neglecting this, but I couldn’t spare any time to maintain it. But am glad I do see comments from you guys. And these comments are the encourages that keep me moving. Ok, let’s talk about Fish Head Noodle this time. Remember I blogged about the best Steamboat in Butterworth (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐), that’s the place for Fish Head noodle as well. And, per bowl costs us RM7-00. Though is very big portion, however, we consumer will ask, does it really need to spend RM7-00 just for a bowl of Fish Head noodle? So, what I did was, I cooked the same soup base as theirs and here it turns out to be. And hubby finds it almost the same as 紫薇園魚頭火炭爐 in Raja Uda. First, I deep fried those fish head, fish meats and the yam as well. Once done, put the yam in the pot and boil for 2 to 3 hours, plus the fish bones, pork bones, fish meats. Onc

Kulim Restoran Kolam Ikan 魚塘小食館

Errr… how do I start this post?? I was brought to this place without knowing where is it, not even can recall the direction to this place, neither can I remember what fishes that we had ordered. By reading the above expressions, I guess you could guess that I was overjoyed and excited over the food. Those fishes that we had ordered it was so fresh that you can't resist to eat it all at one goal. [LOL] Honestly, it was some where in Kulim, and I remember I need to drive pass a 'jungle', and this place was interviewed by Jason from Astro. I guess with that publicity, there are lot more customers came and visit this place. We were told these dogs are the helper in guarding the fishes that they breed. They are tame & discipline during the day, but fierce and wild at night. When you look at those muds at the pond, you will be wondering will those fish fresh and nice. That's how we judge everything by the cover of the book, huh?! Seriously, can't recall what we

Steam Fish Home Recipe

Over weekend, I was prompted by a sudden impulse to do some home cooking. Since, that’s only two of us having dinner, so, I only had something simple yet need not to make a big fuss about it. So, what would it be then?? Of course steam fish, right?? That’s simple yet nutritious. I never know what the exact name for such fish, but heard from mom that that’s call 左口魚 . In English they called it Flounder, officially name 比 目 魚. Am not going to elaborate much on the fish, but to give you a brief idea what have I done to it. First, my mom taught me, I gotta clean it, wash it. Then leave it to dry by using clean cloth. Then after, put a little bit of mince bean sauce on top of the fish, if you have time, mixed that with a bit of sugar, cuz, those are salty. Chop lots of garlic, I personally like garlic, thus I really put a lot on top it and also added on some chili padi as well. Next, steam for about 8 to 10 minutes then it’s ready to serve. Before it serves, sprinkle some spring onions

King's Street Koay Teow Th'ng 粿條湯

這是唯一我需要請假來吃的粿條湯, 它是位於最繁忙的街, 那就是 King Street。這一區是商業中心區, 所以有許多銀行職員在此用餐。除了銀行職員之外, 我就是那個貪吃貓。要是我不是那個貪吃貓, 那我怎麼會請假來這回一逛?對不對呀! 好了, 讓我來介紹這一檔粿條湯吧? 它是由一位上了年紀和一名熟練的檔口負責人來經營的. 這一檔粿條湯只是經營於銀行工作時間。那就是說, 他們的經營時間是從星期一到星期五早上十一點鐘左右直到傍晚或是下午為止。 從不經營於周末期間。 相信它的湯是用了豬肉骨和大骨去熬煮的。 所以格外的濃也格外香。再加上一些豬肝, 豬肉丸和一些肉碎, 加上少許胡椒粉, 那簡直就是人生一大樂趣。 哎呀! 我什麼時候變成如此貪吃? 噯喲,你瞧那些豬肝簡直要了我的命唷! 好喜歡呀! 除了粿條湯之外, 它們的龍眼飲料也出名的好喝。每一回當我一有空, 我就會想這一檔粿條湯。哈哈! 哈哈! 哈哈! 好頑皮的我哦! This is the only Koay Teow Th’ng (KTT) that I need to take a half day off just to visit them. And this stall is located at one of the busy street, and that’s King Street. This area is actually business centre areas, banks, offices and so on, thus, you’ll see lots of white collar people came here for lunch. Well, if am not the glutton, would I be taking a day off and visit this KTT? Right?? Ok, let me give you a brief intro. This stall is actually manned by an old man and an assistant that helps him to serve. Their business opens from Monday to Friday, and only operates on o

Hakka Connexion, Bawasah Road

When you’re over work and hardly have time for your family, will you feel guilty about it? Well, I do. That’s why I took a half day off just to spend time with hubby. While we were driving down to town, we both were thinking where to eat and what to eat. Cuz, at that point in time, we both have no idea where to go… so, we were driving around in town, and look for food. Then suddenly I told hubby why don’t we go for Hakka food. I’ve been noticing this small little shop, whenever am around that area. I was told this row of buildings used to be residential and it has been converted to business use right now. If it's not because of the Rent Act 1966 that put in placed and fully implemented, we believe there are many tenants that renting these places with minimum rental will not move out. Anyway, the food offer down here is minimum, of course, they have those typical Hakka food like 客家麵, 豬肉丸, 豬筋丸 , 豬腳醋, 客家擂茶 , 酿豆腐 , etc. The place though is rather small but it’s comfortable. The

Manila Place, Gurney Plaza

Ok, ... before I start, allow me to urge everyone that visit this blog to vote for The Fantastic Four & Apple Crumble for Drive for Food Contest which organized by The Star. They represent us the Food Bloggers!!!! Please give them the support by voting them. This is the URL .... Christy had blogged about Manila Place in Gurney Plaza and also had given good comment about it. Joe had asked what is our favourite breakfast , I guess I had briefly dropped a few lines saying that I do like American Breakfast. Where do we get cheap and good American Breakfast in Penang?? Well, Manila Place is the place that you should pay a visit. They have variance choices of breakfast, and also made to order breakfast, and the price nothing more than RM20-00, that comprises of eggs, sausages, orange juice, free flow of coffee or tea, salad, corn flakes with milk, etc. We were there one of the weekends, and this place is cozy and comforta