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Confinement Supper

Every confinement woman will have to go thru a certain confinement food, apart from restricted to take bath, hair wash, and so on. At night they are encouraged to take herbal soup as supper. I was basically almost every 2 days, mom will double boil those herbal soup for me, either is Chinese Angelica Sinensis Root ( Dong Quai / 當歸 ) or other herbs like Eu Yan Sang’s Bak Foong Pills ( 白鳳丸 ) and, Codonopsis pilosula ( Dang Shen / 黨蔘 ), Wolfberry 枸杞 . Each of these Chinese Herbs has its ways of functions to reinforce our weakness in our body. For example, Dang Shen is to nourish the stomach and promote the flow of Qi. Dong Quai is to eliminate blood stagnation in women’s uterus or womb and it’s also balancing a woman’s hormone system too. When I under went such treatment, the only thing that really made you so moody apart from the loss was the restrictions. Restricted from taking bath, hair wash, bare foot, must lie on the bed all the time, not allow to drink room temperature water,

Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel

This reminds me of I do have many posts that yet to blog. Anyway, nobody will find this place strange, The Sarkies Corner of E&O Hotel. I remembered that day was 8th March, and yes, it’s an International Women’s Day, also Dato’ Seri Samy Vellu’s Birthday, of course, it’s also the 12th GE Day. Remembered clearly that night we were there for a family dinner, while we were enjoying our food, hubby’s phone, BIL’s phone rang non-stop. I wonder were the man stood in for election or what?? Well, let’s move on with the food… it’s always delighted to see the buffet line with these food lining up for gluttons like us. You could see these fresh oysters, prawns, scallops, muscles, salmons, tuna, all assorted sashimi are so fresh and tempting to have them all. Then, the salads line it out in a colourful way, with all sorts of salads’ cream. As for the desserts line, do I need to say more?? For those have sweet tooth, no one could resists with these desserts. Oh ya, you should try their apple

Confinement Food

Since 21 March, I’ve been under going the normal confinement treatment, and was advised to adhere for about 40 days. Since that day, I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures nor blog about what I was eating and so on. I was just blogging on my other blog to voice out my thoughts and was hoping that could help me to reduce the pain in me. Today is my first time take an initiative to take a picture of this dish. Mom cooks this Turmeric Chicken (黄姜炒雞Ayam Kunyit) for me for dinner. She told me that many confinement food will have this Turmeric , cuz, it has its nutritious to heal a woman’s uterus or womb after labour. Many Chinese women will have this and drink it raw without cooking it. Perhaps this is mid-wives’ tale, that turmeric could heal a woman’s uterus after labour and perhaps many that had proven it. Right now, am trying not to think much about anything but to build back my body strength and re-create the magic.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

I didn’t notice My Love My Food had passed its first birthday. Perhaps I am not really ready to celebrate it or perhaps I have not really adapted to the current condition. But, anyway, birthday is still a birthday… I shouldn’t be mixing it with my personal grief, right? Happy Belated Birthday, My Love My Food !

CRC Birthday Lunch

I know you’ll be surprise CNY has way passed already, why am I still showing this 七彩魚生. Well actually this is my MIL’s birthday lunch and her birthday is some days fall on CNY. So, all of us were actually taking this day to have a family gathering in CRC for lunch. And this gathering should be giving a credit to my SIL whom organizing this and also orders the dishes that suit the old people. When comes to birthday, you can’t run away from having a plate of birthday noodle (長壽麵). CRC’s noodle is one of their signature dish. Many elderly will advise not to cut the noodle that serves to anyone. I was told some ‘pantang-larang’ that the elderly would not like it. After the noodle, all the dishes are one by one serves… First come with the Assam Prawns. Followed by the Assorted Mushrooms with Broccolis. Honey Ginger Chicken. And the Steam Tofu with Minced Meat & Salted Fish. Last but not least, a dessert. Dried Longan with White Fungus (龍眼白果雪耳糖水). Hmmm, I wonder when will I be

Wong Poh Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

This is my 1st post after the pain and grief that I recently had. Sorry if I've been quiet for awhile. I actually have not been eating out due to the confinement treatment that am having now even before when I was pregnant. Am sure I'll hunt for more food for all in the coming days. Just wish all could bear with me for some time.... For Penangite to have crabs in KL, mostly will have the question mark look on their face. Cuz, Penang itself has its treasure in the island, but why KL. Well, let this Penangite says a 5 cents value worth of note of this crabs in KL then. So far, we had it once in KL where my sister brought us there for dinner. After that one time dinner, my family had actually fell in love with the crabs and they like it so much. We were there for our annual family trip in KL, and this place is one of the MUST makan place that we must patronize. To our surprise it’s pretty near to our hotel where we were staying. It was just a few corner turns here and there, wa