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Foo Heong Restaurant 富香酒樓

If you’re a Cantonese and not well verse in Hokkien dialague in Penang, and yet you need to look for food, where would be the place for you then? Well, let’s be logical apart from fast food, you can actually drive down to town, to this place where mostly Cantonese staying in the island – Cintra Street . In Cantonese they called it 日本橫街. Foo Heong has been in Penang for many decades, in fact down from hubby’s grandfather’s time, Foo Heong has been here in Cintra Street already. It used to be very famous but it has lost its shine. If am not mistaken, what famous is their Char Hor Fun, Hokkien Char, etc. Well, we didn’t have those, but order their chu char for a simple meal, but it turned out to be our disappointment. Stir Fry Kailan with Garlics. The sauce was too starchy for us. And we both find it a bit too salty. Pai Kut Ong (排骨王), way too sour. Spring Onion Fish Fillet (薑蔥魚片), the fish was like over-cooked. Taste was a bit bland. No wonder whenever we drove passed this place,

Heng Kee Coffee Shop 興記

At times it’s rather sweet to visit back those places where we visited before, especially during courtship. Yes, this is one of our favourite coffee shop for our dinner, whenever we are running out of idea where to have our dinner, this would be the place where we’ll end up with. This place is not only famous of the Hokkien Mee which many bloggers have blogged about. But also this Fried Bee Hoon with Fish Head (RM4-00). In fact, the boss has been in this business for more than 10 years, we were telling him that he was having this stall from young and handsome, to now having his far sight (Hyperopia) spectacles. 10 years in business and having so many customers visiting them from time to time, of course, fresh ingredients it’s the major factor of sustaining a business. Down from all types of noodles, fresh fish meat, stock and so on. Apart from this stall, if you’re looking for cheap and delicious Penangite’s favourite aka Char Koay Teow, this is also another place for you

Chiim Contemporary Thai

~ No Longer in Business ~ As you know am not a Thai Food Fan, but then when I drove passed Burmah Road, I saw a shop, named Chiim and it says Contemporary Thai Palate. And down deep in my heart how contemporary will that be. What people says curiosity kills a cat, think that’s true. It kills my curiosity. The Chiim is actually a subsidiary of Chok Dee Thai Restaurant, next two door steps away We just walked in without 2nd thought and we both thought this must be something like Mom’s Kitchen . Well, we were wrong, it’s simple as only 1 sheet of menu for you to choose their specialty that’s all. To “Chow” … where you could choose from the Thai’s Char Koay Teow aka Pad Thai with Prawns (RM10-90) which am having. Other than that, they have Green Curry Fried Rice (RM8-00), Tomyam with Seafood (RM8-90) or Chicken (RM7-90), Green Curry Chicken with Rice (RM8-90) and many other more. What hubby took was Chicken & Basil Leaves with Sunny Side Up Egg (RM8-90), it’s also Chiim

Restaurant Hing Kee

Have you ever open your eyes big when you heard something unbelievable? Well, I do… in fact, I didn’t know I could still find such a cheap place for dinner. 3 dishes & 1 soup, 4 plates of steam rice, and drinks that only charged RM29-00. Don’t you find this unbelievable? We have been wanting to try this place whenever we have our Char Hor Fun next door. Since the other day we’re free and thought of taking our parents for dinner. We order their famous, Bean Curd Braised Fish ( 豆腐燜魚). Sweet & Sour Pork ( 咕嚕肉 ). Fry Kailan ( 清炒芥蘭 ). Lotus Soup with Peanut ( 蓮藕花生湯 ). These are simple dishes where any chu char stall will have. But with these dishes, you only pay RM29-00, guess that attract many of us to visit. Has that caught your attention then?? Other Review Food Paradise

Starview Restaurant (Prai) Sdn Bhd 仙景樓飯店

Starview Chinese Restaurant doesn’t need any fancy review on its food quality, but it’s always pleased to share with readers of its flavorful dishes that served. Remember once my sister and my brother-in-law gave us a sumptuous treat in Starview, Mega Mall. This place honestly not any stranger to us, in fact, most of the time, we’ll visit them on special occasion. I believe not me alone, but many of us will visit this place. What we had the other day was Peking Duck, thin crepe that wrap with roasted duck skin, with hoisin sauce and a stick of green onion, and cucumber. That’s something heavenly deliciuous. I remember clearly when I first introduce to this dish when I was very small, and we were attended a family dinner with a family friend. Of course, we were too young to understand how delicious this food is, but now, I bet, it does bring back some fond memories. Of course, after walloped the skin that left over the duck meat is best to fry with other ingredients. Down in Starview

Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant 民眾酒家

Few weekends ago, drove down to Ipoh to attend my nephew’s wedding reception which was held in Pusing Public which Ipohan called it Mun Choong. I got to know from the older generation why they named it Pusing Public, it’s because the original branch was in Pusing, one of the small town in Perak. So, I presume it must have moved out from Pusing and thus name it Pusing Public. Anyway, that’s my wild presumption. Best to check with older generation of Ipohan. But I can tell you that no doubt about it this is the place famous for wedding banquet. The food is large serving and it’s delicious too. Don’ t believe me?? Check this out yourself. Four Seasons, that’s where it started the night dinner. Followed by the Shark Fin Soup, this is the best so far I’ve tried. Lots of ingredients and it’s tasty too!! Duo flavour fishes, Black Pepper & Honey Glazed that Wrapped with Seaweed. This is something that I don’t normally see this in Penang. Look at the fish that they had de-boned it a