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Home Cooked Fried Rice

While I am complaining of the recent hot weather in Facebook… I am actually missing the raining days that was raining non-stop at beginning of the month. During that period of time, I practically yearn for fried rice. Funny is it?? I just do not know why but I only want fried rice. I don’t need fancy fried rice like other restaurants did. My type of fried rice is something that I called it my comfort food.  It’s just egg, onions, Chinese sausages and chili padi which cannot be missed and lots of lots of garlics!   Ingredients 2 Eggs lightly beaten 2 Chinese sausages cut into thin slices 1 medium onions cut into wedges 2 bulbs of garlics, but I used about 8 to 9 bulbs of garlic. 5 to 6 chili padi, but if you like it more spicy, you can add more. 2 bowls of steamed rice 3 tablespoon of light soya sauce 2 teaspoon of dark soya sauce Steps-by-Steps 1. Heat up the wok with 4 tablespoon of oil 2. Throw in the garlics, and fried it till its golden brown a

Ming Garden Restaurant 茗園大酒家

If we wouldn’t be invited for a cousin’s son’s wedding, guess I will not have a chance to step foot into this spacious restaurant in town. It is so spacious that it could actually cater for almost 70 to 100 tables for any wedding banquet. To cut it short…. Here are the dishes that fill up each our stomach with a big grin.         茗園五福临門 Ming Garden 5 Combination Platter 蟹肉烩生翅 Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat 乳猪拼烧鸡 Roasted Suckling Piglet Garnished with Roasted Chicken 梅菜蒸石斑魚 Steamed Grouper Fish with Preserved Vegetables 極品醬焗明蝦 Baked King Prawns in Chef Recipe Sauce 八仙齐贺喜 Braised Assorted Vegetables with Dried Oyster 荷叶香口饭 Fried Rice Wrapped In Lotus Leaf 蜜 瓜西 米露 Chilled Honeydew Melon with Sago Cream Ming Garden is offering a couple of wedding package for the newly wed couple, apart from the sumptuous dishes, they are also giving complimentary of – 1. Basic Wedding Decoration at Entrance, Backdrop, Red Carpet Layout, Stage & som