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Tantalising Thai

New Kid on the Blog in Star Metro!!! It was a pleasant surprise when you never expect a feature of the Sunday Star Metro on October 26, 2008. I was having my short break in KL, while I was flipping thru the newspaper, I found some of the pictures in page M10 was kind of familiar. Before I could confirm, I saw the content starting with Blogger New Kid on the Blog hardly patronises…. I was like jumping out from the chair and share the pleasant surprise with my husband. I have been admiring other bloggers that have such a good opportunity to feature their post in Star Paper. And I never expect this could happen to me one of these days. Truly thank Renita Che Wan for submitting my post to Star Metro, and here ’s where you can read the post. Also thank What2See for dropping me a few lines about the feature too!! :)

KL Food Hunt

Whoever drops by this corner of mine… please advise me where can I find C&G (aka Cheap & Good) food in the following – The Garden 1 Utama KL Pavillion Suria KLCC And also it has to be decent for a 2 year plus toddler too. Thanks everyone!!

Foodbuzz Publisher Community

Are you the type of person who likes to receive surprises?? Well, I do… of course, am referring to positive surprises, and not those scared to death type. Anyway, I had a pleasant one today. When I got home, I saw a parcel on my study desk and it’s not any small parcel, but rather big too. I was wondering who in the world sending me a parcel and it’s from the states. The moment I opened up the parcel, a big grin on my face was immediately appeared. Yes, it's from Foodbuzz, and it's in conjunction with the Foodbuzz Publisher Community celebration launching. They are also sending me an apron and a spatula as a souvenir. If you're part of the community, am sure you'll be receiving this too!!

Golden Triangle Indo Chine Restaurant & Sensation

Sometimes having too much of Chinese food, you will tend to find some other food to try, and that happens to all of us last Sunday. Since all of us would like to try out some new outlets in Auto City, Golden Triangle was the place that we chose. It was a quiet Sunday and not many people dining in. Thus, service was attentive. I do realize the waitress are not local, they can’t speak proper English however they were very helpful in a sense that they will explain to us what are the recommended dish in Golden Triangle. A Curry Fish they called it. Is actually deep fried the fish and put the spicy sauce on top. The fish was fresh and the meat was not over fried. Mom loves Soft Shell Crabs, so we have a plate for that. She was pretty satisfying with that too. A Pandan Chicken. Something normal, it will not go too far if the taste doesn’t suit us. Stir fry squid with bay leaf. If you like the bay leave smell, guess you would like this. For the greens, we have something simple, like K

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate

It’s been awhile people talking about organic, there are many outlets selling organic food, organic beans, organic vegetables, etc. Even Little Inbox is blogging about it too…. And guess what, they even have organic chocolate now! Got it from my colleague, and it’s all the way from London – the Green & Black’s . Was told this is their bar collection and choose a couple flavour for about 20 pieces that costs about £70. Expensive, hor??

Home Made Garlic Mushroom Tapas

It’s always good to have someone to cook for you and you don’t need to do anything right? Well, am enjoying such privilege especially when you woke up late and cracking head what to have for breakfast? Having a simple breakfast and a cup of brew coffee is something really delighting. Let me see if I got this right… Cut 2 small cubes of butter and some chopped garlic. Added some salts & pepper on to the mushroom to taste. Put all ingredients into an aluminium foil and bake for about 5 to 6 minutes. At the same time, cut the French Loaf into slices and buttered it with butter. Added a small piece of cheese slice and some chopped Chinese celeries. Bake for about 4 minutes or till the loaf is slightly brown. After remove from the toaster oven, added the baked mushrooms on top of the loaf and BITE! Good to have it with a cup of brewed coffee. Isn’t it good to have this for breakfast?

Moms Kitchen, Tanjung Bungah

** Featured in The Star on October 26, 2008. If you do follow my blog, you will realize I hardly patronize any Thai food restaurant. And today am going to write something about Thai Cuisine. Am not really a fan of Thai food, perhaps I’ve yet to try on an authentic Thai food thus far. Anyway, the whole intention for today’s lunch was actually looking for Eclectic (formal 68 Kelawai) and wanted to try out after they have moved from Kelawai Road to Batu Ferringhi. All the way up there with lots of excitement and expectation, I was very disappointed as it only open for dinner. I realized Lingzie had blogged about it, so, with that we headed to another place called Annabelle’s Place which Lingzie , Cariso , Food Paradise had reviewed too. Again, another disappointment! They were not open today, however we notice they are actually closed from 10 October to 15 October, and will open again on 16 October. With so much disappointment at that moment, what else can we go? I was like runni

Breeks Café

I supposed taste bud is something very subjective to each of everyone’s liking. Recently I posted an outlet in Penang and received some positive and negative feedback. Well, I honestly appreciate that, cuz, am taking it positively as ‘at least’ somebody is reading it. But, it gave me a negative shut down as am thinking what would be my next post before I load it up in blogspot? Cuz, I may not be a genuine eater anymore, right? I am just writing for the sake of writing it. Despite that negative move, I was thinking, if I do not post anything, then what’s the point of having one of this blog? It makes no sense to maintain it, and might as well terminate it. So, today, am going to share something… Breeks Café in Queensbay Mall. I remember one of the weekend, I was so busy and I ought to go back to work and finish whatever outstanding. Then after, hubby and I do not know where to go for lunch, a simple lunch and without much thinking process. The only place that we could hop into is Qu

Home Cook Ham Wrap Asparagus

If I can be like mom think of a creative way of cooking dish, I guess my hubby would be very happy. Mom said she has been cooking for too long and she’s running out of idea what to cook for the family anymore. Don’t know where she learns this and she recently she made it herself. This is something simple and it’s best to pan fry with butter. First she bought a few grams of thin slices of ham, whether is chicken or pork meat, both can be used. Then some asparagus, asparagus good to slice the bottom part so that it will not be too hard for old people or young children to consume. Slice finger size of red carrot, if you have Enoki Mushroom it would be better. Wrap all these ingredients together and pan fry with butter for about 15minutes. This can be taken as tea break or a finger food with friends. Especially good to eat with a group of friends that watch live telecast football!!! Enjoy!!

Foodbuzz Featured Publisher

Hard to believe that I am one of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher. Does that mean I should be posting more?? Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim readers and friends... sorry, it's a little bit late wishes, however, better than none, right?? For those that on the road, have a safe drive and have a pleasant holiday.