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Flame Restaurant

What would you think of when the weather is rather cold and it's been raining for days?? I would think of steam boat, I don't know about you. In fact, today's evening is pretty cold and lately it's been raining for days, no doubt it ain't that heavy, but drizzling. Still find steam boat could make you warm, apart from a big big hug from your love one, right? Anyway, saying no more, if you are coming from the south to north, you would definitely see this giant signboard on your left. And that means, you've reached the 'in-place' in town - Auto City Juru. And yes, we were heading to the Flame Steam Boat in Auto City. Flame Steam Boat actually started from Mark Cheng Ho-Nam in year 2003 in KL, heard that his first Flame was in Jalan Imbi. Anyway, not to further on Flame's history.... guess what we have ordered and what we have taken, ok?? We have ordered the 3 person sets dinner (since we have 5 of persons for dinner), and other side dishes like

Home Style Kopitiam

When ever I passed by Taman Inderawasih, I always see this shop opens and not many customers dining in. And I thought it's either expensive or the food is lousy. Guess what? I was pretty adventurous this morning, suddenly yearning for bread toast. Actually bread toast can be done at home, but, I was just wanna get out and feel the fresh air. So, hubby and I were driving to that direction and decided to give it a try on whatever they have in their menu. To our surprise, the outlet do offer free WiFi , what they have are pretty similar to Kapitan Kopitiam which I had tried the other day. If you want me to compare, I'll for this Home Style Kopitiam, price is not the pricey, the half boil egg is pretty good, especially the time that they control pretty well. What caught my attention was one of the bread toast, named Adam & Eve. I was wondering what is Adam & Eve?? I didn't know until they brought over then I realized, 'Oh, it was just merely kaya and butter~l

Haagen Dazs Ice Creams

What would you do when you feeling down? Let's go for Haagen Dazs . What would you do when you are so sick of the coming Monday meeting? Let's go for Haagen Dazs. What would you do when you are so tired and lazy to do anything? Let's go for Haagen Dazs. What would you do when you had a fight with your boyfriend, spouse, best friend? Let's go for Haagen Dazs. Hehehe... nothing but Haagen Dazs , huh? Oh ya, Haagen Dazs ' ice creams make you - Happy Relax Destress Anti-Depression Joyful Cheerful, etc etc... Right or not?? Don't believe me??? See yourself, look at this creamy chocolates.... slurp slurp... feel the watery in your mouth?? [wink] I bet you do... Unfortunately, Penang only have 2 or 3 outlets, worst is none in Butterworth. The recent or rather new outlet is in Queensbay Mall , the one that I destress myself is in Pulau Tikus. I believe this is one of the first outlet in Penang. Do drop by Haagen Dazs Ice Cream outlet whenever you're (a) fee

Home cook food

It took me the entire morning to prepare 4 dishes and 1 soup for today's lunch. And I am darn tired. First thing in the morning is to get my banker cum my driver to drive me to the wet market, and buy the food that I planned to cook for lunch. 4 dishes and 1 soup, honestly, it maybe very easy to others, but hey, am not that professional compared to my domestic minister (aka mommy) yet. But then, daddy was giving me the compliment and that's honestly made my day.... even more happy to make dad more food to eat, to try. Ok, let's see what I have prepared, ok? 1. Oyster sauce chicken 2. Bean sprouts with spring onions and chilies 3. Bean sauce ( 豆瓣酱 ) 焖 Pork ribs 4. Steam fish (蒸鱼) 5. 玉竹 豬骨汤 First, clean whatever I need to clean or wash all of these food, and start to marinate for a longer time so that when I cook it will turn out to be tasty. Oh ya, I actually do boil water to wash those ribs before I stew it. Others ingredients consists of garlics, gingers, chilie