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Home Cooked ABC Soup

ABC soup is many households famous soup for the family, and am sure each of the family will know how to make this, though is very much depending on individual preference and measurements of the ingredients. For my type of ABC Soup, I normally omitted the potato which I don’t really fancy of it, and surely adding more of onions and carrots. Some may added pepper corn to the soup to make it more fragrant. Ingredients 2 medium size carrots, cut into chunks 2 large onions, cut into wedges 200g pork ribs 4 honey dates 4 large tomatoes, cut into wedges 1.5 to 1.7 liter of water Steps First blanch pork ribs in the boiling water for about 5 to 8 minutes, dish out then rinse with cold water. Boil the 1.5 liter water till it’s boiling, add the blanched pork ribs into the pot and the rest of the ingredients, eg. carrots, onions, tomato and honey dates. Boil everything in the pot for about 2 hours in high flame, and simmer after that for about 30minutes. Add salt for seasoning. If you

Da Ban Chinese Restaurant 大班中國風味館

Whenever I passed by this place, I would sure looking into this building. It gives me a very mystery kind of feel, until I stepped into it then I realized it was managed by a Chinese young lady. It has been hosted a few beauty pageants that came to Penang for some kind of promotion, and also, they have been promoting China cuisine as well, they are also open for Chinese Reunion Dinner too. It was an impressive decoration in the shop, with the man made brisk bridge that connect the entrance to the inner hall that shows that the owner has a creative idea in managing her eatery outlet. It was our first time, so we are pretty conservative in ordering our food. Thus, the food that we ordered was merely simple yet something we had tasted before in other places. As for the appetizers that served, it’s something that I’ve not personally try before, but it gives a very good lesson for us to understand that’s how a typical Chinese cuisine was served in China Mainland. Shrimps and seaweed

Hua Yuan Restaurant 華嚴中泰素食館

~ No Longer in Operation ~ Having a vegetarian restaurant that opens till 9pm is hard to find, but one opens up to 10.30pm, honestly this is a good news to many vegetarians. Some more, all dishes are made to order, and it’s not like any other just like economy rice style where you get a plate and dish out the food that you want. It’s just like any other ordinary restaurant, but this is vegetarian that’s all. Discovered this restaurant not long ago, and honestly the food is absolutely delicious and the price is reasonable. Though compared to ordinary restaurant, vegetarian restaurant do not have much choices, or variety, but with the current situation where many folks out there are shouting for saving the earth and all that… this is not a bad place to consider. What makes us falling in love to this place is this special dish, its normal and nothing special, but what attracts my attention is they remove the head and the tail of a bean sprout. Thus, I concluded that the owner i

MoonTree 47 月樹

More and more of such heritage café in Penang now, and many of these cafés are actually own by passionate energetic young people whom appreciates heritage buildings, and passionate in giving good food to people. Stepping in here was not by accident, read many posts about this place. In fact, this place is not air conditioning and also many things are actually recycle, for example a table and a chair. Typical environmental friendly place to hang out. This is a budget homestay for backpack tourist, and also an art gallery. As far as I know I don’t see art gallery is open for business, however when I dined there, I could see many back pack tourist walking in and out for rooms checking. This is a simple place where you could enjoy the ordinary and originality of this Pearl of Oriental. The pre-war house was used to be a place where manufacturing joss sticks, somehow it has stopped production and the house was abandoned for quite awhile. Food wise were something simple yet, fil

For You Yen Vegetarian Centre 佛有缘素食餐廳

I’ve been silent for the entire month, and this silent April had many things happened, that inclusive of a new born baby, a mother demised, and a Royal Wedding been held. Of course, I would have nothing to do with the Royal Wedding, however, it’s something that many that had watched his mother’s wedding in 30 years ago, would love to watch his wedding. But am ain’t going to blog anything about the Royal Wedding Banquet. But a vegetarian restaurant that I recently discovered. Many Buddhis t believes after a person demised, if you’re on veg for 49 days that would help the demised leave with good and bright path. Whether to believe or not, bottom line the left behind are doing this out of respect. Due to recent mourning discipline, we have discovered a few good vegetarian restaurants in the island, to our surprise, they are pretty good in fact. One of them is For You Yen Vegetarian Centre that located along Dato Kramat Road, few steps away from the former Federal Theater, or Ah Lo