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BigBoysOven Cake Deco Class

Think am going to end this post for month of April. This is something that I have been wanting to try on myself. I have no idea do I have the artist instinct, or do I have the talent to make for my family, but I know I have to start some where no matter how. When Lingzie sent me a mail about Big Boys Oven is going to conduct this class in Penang, without second thought I straight away enroll myself for this. Thru out the day we enjoyed every session with BBO, Lingzie and of course Food Point of Interest . The laughter, the jokes and the mess that we had. To know the steps and ways of making this beautiful cake… please check Big Boys Oven out. Meanwhile… My Love • My Food would like to wish everyone a happy long weekend to everybody. For those that on the road, please drive carefully!! Ok, here are the beautiful photos....

Ristorante Bella Italia

Hubby was in the mood for Italian food the other day. I was thinking does Peppino in Golden Sands open at lunch, well, as far as I know they are not. So, ended up we both landed in Bella Italia in Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus. This place though is small, but you could see the stream of customers flowing in is pretty frequent. I supposed the food here is reputable. I always like Aglio Olio Spaghetti (RM21-00). Without second thought I have this for myself, and also requested it to be a bit more spicy. When it serves, I was surprised to see they actually used chili padi to cook this instead of chili flakes. However, hubby likes this compared to others place. We order a bowl of Crema Ai Fungal (aka Cream of Mushroom Soup, RM13-50) to share. A Pizza Alla Siciliana (RM27-80) which consists of broccoli florets, fresh tomatoes, anchovies, garlic and black olives was hubby’s choice. He finds it a bit salty, but overall it was tasty. Not to forget a cup of Long Black Italian Coffee (RM5-50) a

Deluxcious Spa Cuisine & Café

If you’re a Spa person, please do not hesitate to drop by this place which had been operated for almost 5 years in this beautiful island. Currently they are doing some kind of promotion that is 2hour Spa at RM165 with footbath, 45mins of massage scrub and Jacuzzi with Herbal Bath, on top of that a 5 course set dinner is inclusive. Apart from this, they are also having a promotion if you order a glass of their fruit juice, another glass for free. It’s like buy 1 free 1. The person in charge was wondering why are we keep taking photo shots when we were there, and he was kind enough to explain to me this place has been for around for 5 years. The Chef is very particular about their food standard and their customer’s satisfaction. They are not only serving Western Cuisine but also Fusion. In fact, what we had for today is more of Fusion feel than Western. They have variety of main course for their customers to choose, from RM13-90 to RM75-00 range from spaghetti to Wagyu Beef. Set Lun

Aceh Street Wanton Mee

This stall was recommended by one of hubby’s hiker friend. And, hubby kept telling me must try this no matter how. Last weekend, before attending BigBoysOven ’s class, we both have our breakfast here. This stall is man by a couple, and operates from 7am morning till 12.30pm. They have deep fried noodle ( 炸麵 ), flat noodle ( 粗麵 ) and the normal wanton noodle. Apart from that, they also have Sui Kau ( 水餃 ) as side dish. That morning we had a plate of the normal wanton mee for hubby. And I have the flat noodle for myself. A bowl of Sui Kau as side dish. Though the place is small and congested, but you could see people drop in to have a few packets take away. You can either op for green chili, or their home made sambal belachan, and even chili padi. Taste of sesame oil is rather strong, I personally like it. Texture of the noodle is also springy; I would say this is purely based on a person’s experience in cooking the noodle. Don’t you agree?

Everyday Supreme Restaurant 天天大酒樓

I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant and got to know one of the chefs from the renowned Chinese Restaurant cross over to this place. But never had a chance till recently my cousin sister brought her 2 sons over for a short break, hubby and I decided to bring them here for a simple meal. Since we have kids with us, thus we gotta have something non-spicy and suit their liking like steamed tofu. This is one of the best dish… the tofu is so soft and smooth. With the minced meat and mushroom on top. It’s delicious indeed!! Another one is what they recommended Chicken Dice with Salted Fish in Claypot. For kids may find it spicy cuz, they used dried chili to fry till fragrant. Steam Cod Fish with soya sauce, a simple way of steaming. Best to serve with steam rice!! Last, a plate of vegetables with special broth ( 奶白上湯 ). With all these dishes, and 3 adults and a kiddo, total damage is only RM87++. Also a good choice for wedding banquet and birthday dinner for the elderly. Think farew

See Kung Ooi 西公園

It’s an honour to have lunch with all the celebrity bloggers from Penang and KL on this day. A day that gave me a full of sweet memories, cuz, I enrolled myself for BigBoysOven ’s Cake Deco class, on the other Lingzie’s Tummy Treats invited me to join them for lunch. It was a sweet thought that Lingzie invited me for lunch together with BigBoysOven , Food Point of Interest , and What2See – CK Lam . I cannot imagine myself is actually having lunch with this group of people, especially CK kept asking me why I shy away from them. I was just speechless at that point in time and do not know what to say. But, I know down deep in my heart, I am honour to be here. Lingzie drove us here for lunch, and Food Point of Interest was busy ordering dishes. The moment they stepped in, I couldn’t believe from my own eyes, they were starting to snap photos, the signboard, the shop, the buildings, everything that you name it, they shoot! I have to admit that the dishes that they ordered, was like a