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I have just attended for an op , don’t think within the short time I’ll blog again. But, I sincerely wish all of you drop by again when am able to blog. Thanks for your patient and support!!


First, would like to apologize for claiming this award so late. But, down deep my heart, I sincerely very happy and touched to receive this award from Sweet Jasmine . In fact this award was late to claim from her for nearly 5 months. Well, if you all still remember, I didn’t did well some time in March and things were just didn’t work well for me. Am glad to have a group of blogger friends that leaving me encouragement and giving me the advices and some positive comment that push me moving forward in day to day life. This is not the end yet, in fact, there are many more to claim. Well, like I said, I’ve been really really lazy to blog recently. So, I’ll claim all these wonderful awards from these wonderful friends one shot! 2 awards from Sembang & Talk . An award from What2See . Once again, I thank you for your friendship, and I treasure it with bottom of my heart. And, I would like to pass these awards to – 1. Little Inbox 2. Liang Mui 3. WMW 4. Joe 5. Jason 6. Lingz

Chai Leng Park 煮炒

I’ve been lazy to blog, perhaps I’ve got this ‘lazy bug’ in me. Anyway, I’ve been even lazy scout around for food and review too. I wonder what’s wrong with me. Anyway, this is one of those post that lying around in my draft box for ages, guess it’s time to publish now. Well, Chai Leng Park is a place where you can see lots of people, people are busy buying food from the market in the morning, or at night busy looking for food to fill up their stomach. Whenever am home, if mom decided not to cook. We’ll just hop into any of the coffee shop that have one of those ‘Chu Char’ ( 煮炒 ). Nothing fantastic, but honestly it’s kind of convenient for those people that staying surrounding this area. That night, we have one curry fish head. Nothing to shout about, it wasn’t spicy nor aromatic scented. A plate of stir fry vegetables. Simple, yet full of ‘wok hei’ ( 鑊氣 ). A plate of paddy frogs stirs fry with spring onion and gingers ( 薑蔥田雞 ). This is honestly thumbed up for this dish. It’s tasty,

Tiger Koay Teow Th'ng 亞虎粿條湯

You know it’s kind of frustrating when you need to eat something yet you do not know what to have, and if you have the money of course, you will lavishly spend on it, otherwise, you will be thinking what to eat, what to eat. Anyway, we were running out of idea what to have for breakfast one of the weekends, and also wonder where to go for breakfast, or where to have breakfast which is nearer to the destination where you need to run some errands. And you know why were we so particular on that, reason is very simple,… that’s due to fuel hike which we both don’t want to travel unnecessary. If this happened to those days, we’ll have breakfast in one end and run errands on the other end of the island. Well, those lavish and luxury days no more exist, anymore. Well, let’s not bog down by these negativities that will spoil our appetite. Those living in Georgetown (which recently has inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list) will know this stall used to be in Kimberly Street. And I he

Hot Wok, Tanjong Tokong

** HOT WOK has closed down ** The other day, I passed by Tanjong Tokong and didn’t know Hot Wok have moved; only know they will be opened another one in Burmah Road. Thought that could be the branch, didn’t know they moved out from Tanjong Tokong. In fact, the one in Tanjong Tokong is more spacious, and that can park many cars in that compound. After I noticed they have moved, I realized I have a post on them has yet to publish. This post is kind of long enough, this was taken sometime in December last year where we do not know what to take for dinner, and we drove all the way to Tanjong Tokong for Nyonya food. In fact, we ordered quite a lot of dishes the other day and I can’t recall how much we pay for it too. We ordered a tom yam soup, of which I don’t understand why we order tom yam soup in a Nyonya restaurant. Anyway, it wasn’t that good; it was just ok to me. But yet, can’t tell what went wrong too. They also recommended this dish to us; they will deep fried the fis

Chicago Rib House (revisit)

Have anyone had come across any roasted port meat pizza??? I personally have not, and not even know there’s such pizza till I re-visit Chicago Rib House on June 21. When my family scan thru what they want to order for themselves, my brother-in-law and I were filtering thru the menu and wonder what to order. The last time we came was on Mother’s Day , and have had some pork ribs that were recommended by their outlet manager. So, this round we are going to have something different, other than those normal stuff that we had order. I have myself a Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, though this is kind of normal among the others, but taste wise I can say it’s some how better than Pizza Hut. But, I realized they put lots of onions on it. Hubby got himself a BBQ Pork Chop. I was kind of sceptical when he ordered that. But, to my surprise, it was so delicious. The meat was tender too. And, sis ordered a deep fried mushroom as a starter for everyone to munch. To our surprise, the mushroom is not just fi

Home Cook Food

I’ve been really busy at work, even Saturday also got to work too. However, am going to post something simple and short for this weekend. One of mom’s best foods is her way of cooking baby octopus. This dish could actually get an order from her sisters from other states. Though I am not really a fan of baby octopus, but honestly, with her style of cooking, this is really the best. Many restaurants will have the baby octopus boiled or steamed. But mom’s version of cooking baby octopus is stir fried with chillies paste and curry leaves. First she’ll stir fry the chillies paste till fragrant, and also the curry leaves. Then only add the baby octopus to the wok. She said needless to stir fry for a long time, but till it’s cooked. This is best to eat with steam rice.

Day 2 Breakfast at The Taste, Westin Langkawi

This is our day 2 breakfast in Westin Langkawi, and it’s also the last breakfast that we are going to have it here. Don’t know am I missing home or I am missing Pangkor Laut Resort , the feeling that am having down here, is so much different from what I had in Pangkor Laut Resort. I can still remember that vividly. Oh yes, have anyone come across buffet breakfast serves sparking wine? Well, I personally have not come across, in fact, this is the first hotel that I ever discovered. Surprise to see that, huh? Again, we didn’t have much for day 2. We took something that could fill up our stomach then after we proceed to check out. Since day 1 I didn’t have porridge for breakfast, I had one bowl for that day morning. Of course, all these can’t compared with our home cook porridge, however, it isn’t that bad with our own adds on like salted egg, spring onions, sesame oil and so on. After that, I had a sunny upside egg, with chicken sausages, baked beans and potato. The potato isn’t taste