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My simple dinner

Monday usually nothing much to prepare for dinner … Thus, I’ve decided to make simple dinner like this …. Fried ‘yee mee’ & ‘pei tan sau yook chook’. Ingredients for ‘Yee Mee’ are as follow – 2 bundles of yee mee Sotongs (squid) Chicken meat Vegetables Prawns Garlic 1st, fried garlic till fragrant and dump chicken meat, prawns, sotong into the wok. Follow by yee mee, and add some soya source, a little bit of sugar to balance the taste… Wola … here comes my Fried Yee Mee…. Nice or not? As for the ‘Pei Tan Sau Yook Chook’. 1st, you must soak the rice for half an hour. Cut pei tan (century eggs) into small small cubes. Seasoning the mince pork meat with salt and a little bit of sugar. Oh ya, do add some salted eggs, it will make your porridge very tasty. Hmmm… yummy yummy …. After cooked, add on ginger, Chinese parsley, that will make your porridge very nice tempting looking. Tempting?? Delicious?

Kofi Haven

A boring Saturday night, and decided not to cook… what can we do? Of course eating out la! Right? My husband and I were doing nothing, but ronda-ronda, ended up we both landed in AutoCity in Juru. Guess what, … we were eating nasi lemak in one of the café. And this café is absolutely typical for those “IN” thingy. It’s just like another café in KL, soft music, good service, serving some local food, and of course there have the magazine racks to offer their customers when the food is slightly delay in serving. Oh ya, this shop is named KofiHaven (doesn’t that sound like Coffee Heaven?) And this was the name that caught my Kopi King ~ Husband’s attention. That’s not too bad to give it a try though this nasi lemak is not one of the best in town. Oh ya, the price is about RM10++ without drinks, duh. Ooopsy… before I forget, the shop is actually located in AutoWorld, Juru. It’s opposite of AutoCity (where you can see Citibank, Porsche, KFC). To be specific, it’s next to Maybank. The

Subway Breakfast

Thought of going for good American Breakfast today, ended up in Subway AutoCity. Something which I don't yearning and it's always least in my breakfast list. Though I have not tried Subway sandwiches before, guess this is a no excuse for me not to try since am just right in front of their shop. Hahahahaha... Check this out, and this is the environment... And this is the food that we have ordered, tempting?? And this is their Daily Breakfast offer, which consists of egg and cheese. Funny thing is I can't taste any cheese. Oh ya, it comes with a cup of coffee or teh tarik or milo... Oh ya, for those have not been to AutoCity, Juru.... do drop by, as this is one of the talk of the town thingy in mainland apart from Penang Island. Will publish more pictures about AutoCity in Juru in awhile....

My Love My Food

This will be my 1st food blog where am going to share with you. So, wait huh ... will share some food .... some pictures, and some places where I visited.... So, be patient ....