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Home Cooked Onion Chicken

Anyone of us have the habit of writing diary? I know not many have that habit anymore and I know many will tell you that writing diary is waste of time! But have you ever thought of putting up your thoughts in Facebook or Twitter is always another form of writing your thoughts? What people says caption in your Facebook wall… I used to have that habit… but along the years, growing with the technology, I have dropped that habit long long time ago. But nowadays you don’t have to have a physical diary to pen down your day to day happenings or your thoughts too! That’s why we have this thing call BLOG! JOURNAL! For a start writing of this blog is more of having fun, releasing stress from work, and also the fun of making money. Though this money cannot make as much as your full time job, but, it does help me along the way; at least it helps me to reduce the working stress in those days. Right now, making money from here is secondary… what’s important is to pen down what you have gone thr

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Having 2 old couple sitting at home do nothing but watching DVDs on the extreme hot Saturday, and not even a single mood to cook. What is the best comfort food for the night then? Many will says, who cares, just go out and grab something to eat, or pack some food outside and eat at home. Or some even suggest, why worry, buy Ramly Burger, that will solve all the problems. Well well well well… which category did you fall under? Neither the above was mentioned? Or like me get something from Cold Storage and baked on your own. While running errands in Cold Storage, I was caught by this nice packing pie that manufactured by Victoria Crest . Victoria Crest is a Malaysian company that specializes in the production of high-quality Halal meat products. They are using quality spices and ingredients and consisting primarily of British-style foods, their products are all made from original recipes. Without second thought I bought Chicken & Mushroom Pie for a try. Well, it’s definitely not c

Nam Heong Restaurant 南香茶餐室

Since our loved one has left us, we hardly go back to this place… the place that earned its fortune in tin trade. But we do drop by if we are on the way to the city – KL. No doubt Ipoh food is always nice, and hearty, at least it does to me, especially their bean sprout chicken, Foh San Dim Sum, etc. I always wanted to take my favourite Kong Heng Popiah and many times I will either lost my way or turn to the wrong junction. Then ended up I gave up for another food. Of course, Nam Heong of Jalan Bandar Timah isn’t that bad choice if you are looking for Ipoh White Coffee. Let me make the comparison between Ipoh and Penang food … here goes…. Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun is different from Penang’s type. Penang will add shrimp paste and other sauces, but Ipoh will add green chilies and some curry sauces, that’s make it so unique that you wouldn’t decline to have one. Ipoh Char Koay Teow will have to give way to Penang’s one. Cuz, it will never have the Penang’s aroma, even though they fried lik

Hun Sai Fish Head Bee Hoon

Have you experience sitting in front of the grave yard and having your bowl of soupy hot fish head bee hoon (rice vermicelli)?? Well, I’ve just experienced it not long ago… seeing row by row of tombs, and greeneries of grasses that lining these tombs, is an unique scenery. If it’s not because of the recent disciplines, guess I would not discover this place. I was told the early start, it was only tricycle running the business, but now it has been growing with a small pick up van with a few helpers. I supposed this is family running business, and it was started it small and now it’s growing to such situation, and it has also gained a certain percent of customer base for this. Even tables and chairs are unique… The ingredients that preparing for the bowl of bee hoon is absolutely fresh! Though I didn’t order a bowl of prawn bee hoon, but I could see the prawns has its freshness and the meat is rather firm. Both fish meat bee hoon costs RM4-50 per bowl, regardless deep fried fish or

Agua Mediterranean Cuisine

Straits Quay is surely a place to visit, a place for a drink, and a place for good food. On our recently special occasion, we spent a simple dinner down there. It’s our first visit and also it was a very sweet one. Though half way thru it was pouring heavily, we could hear the wind howling, and the rain drops were fiercely hit on the windows and glass door. But still that did not spoil our dinner, despite that heavy down pour. Since it’s a simple yet a quality time spent together, the food that we have also the simplest too. What is that not so simple for the night, I wonder?! Set meal is always hearty and also filing, I guess that’s only applied to small eater. And set meal is always the worth for the money kind of meal, be it everywhere you go, it’s always the case. What comes with Agua Mediterranean down here, was pretty impressive. Spicy Sweet Pepper & Tomato Soup with Croutons, served hot. Would anyone want to try if they are serving cold soup? In fact, there is such soup

Hard Rock Café

How many of us will have 10 years? Or rather how many couple can get thru their 10th year anniversary? I’ve just got thru mine and the 10th year anniversary was spending it quietly with my loved one. Looking back those years, what we had was bitter sweet, and also full of fond memories. The very 1st year, we were telling ourselves, let’s try out all the fine dining restaurants in town each year… and each year goes by, we did try out each of everyone, from Ferringhi Grill before renovation to after renovation, 1885 from E&O hotel , Vintage Bulgaria , Cassis , Chin ’s etc… Few years ago, I was thinking or rather planning giving him a surprise to Maldives, I believe he will remember that for life. Not that am buying that for him or what, is something that I try to full fill his dream to this beautiful heaven place. Unfortunately whatever had planned would have to give up due to his beloved passing. But, however, I lost the Maldives dream yet I gain a free night stay in the renowned