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Dān 单 | Moon Shop Gallery 月森

I may sound pathetic if I said after a two days’ work stress, I need some time to relax. But true enough a day of rest, of a ME-time is actually make me feel complete. I am going thru the list that my boss sent me the other day, and I was sharing it with my husband let’s hop into one of those café from the list. And Dān 单 is in the list that I should try. Dān 单 is the cafe name that serves coffee and dessert of which a business partner to Moon Shop Gallery that is occupied the bigger space. Happened that the partner is the fan of coffee, and whenever their friends came to visit them at the workshop, they served coffee and dessert. And with their friends’ courage, they actually operated a small corner aka a coffee bar counter to serve customers. What is Moon Shop Gallery? Moon Shop Gallery is operated by a landscape architect name Vin Chee.  This is basically a workshop for plant in the glass in another words to describe it is called Forest in the Bottle.  For a lazy

Constant Gardener Coffee

今早收到我老闆的一個 短訓 ,原來是告訴我當我需要咖啡提神的時候就看一看以下的咖啡店吧! 換言之,我這老闆超級可愛! 第一站來到這裏 - Constant Gardenere Coffee. 規模並不很大的地方,可是可見這裡蠻其全。有多樣化的咖啡和巧克力飲品。 蠻喜歡這裡,也許這裡超靜,無人打擾,也可以安靜的工作或是讀書。 不多言了,我們只叫了一杯"拉鐡" (Latte) 和一杯"長黑" (Long Black)。以及一個"黑美人" (Black Beauty)。 我只能說以我個人的的喜好,這裡可以説是個好地方來看書或做工,至於咖啡我想還有些空間的進步。 Address & Contact Number No. 9 Lebut Light Chinese Chambers of Commerce Buidling Georgetown 10200 Penang. Tel: 604-251 9070 Business Hour: 9am to 12am (close on Tuesday) URL: Other Review Penang Foodie Crisp of Life 食在好玩  

Coffee Addict

After a 3 years long break guess, it’s time to pick up myself to write something. Be it short or long, be it in English or Mandarin, or be it a criticize review or compliment one, I know I’ve been missing writing, or blogging. Some friends even asked me why would I stopping writing, my standard answer was busy at work, and my waist line is expanding, blah blah… but come to think of it, I truly happy when I see the food on my table. Blogging for an interest wasn’t my ultimate dream, in fact, to me it’s more of writing down what have I eaten, tried, spent, or reviewed. Those days in my time, we called that writing diaries… but now with the IT era, this have changed to blogging, or writing journal. With regards the 2, the old fashion type is more of writing down what have had passed in your days, and life. The latter one could get you to earn some income. In fact, my 11 years old nephew wanted to learn blogging, I am more than happy to give him my input. Blogging is a good hobby