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懷舊娘惹餐廳 Restoran Pinang Peranakan

These days submerge and not surface up for blogging is something that honestly could make you lazy. Not only that, you will be running out of idea what to do and what to write. You will tend to lose your focus and your objectives whether this blog is meant for food review or basically recipes creation. But, who cares, right? As long as you are the owner and you know what to do regardless is food review or recipes creation, as long as you know there are some readers out there will read some of the posts here and or some of the readers will keep following your posts, what would you be losing? Well, I would have to admit that in terms of monetary, you are definitely losing out a lot!  And these days things are so expensive, nothing is cheap, and that factor could honestly make one frustrated about it. But what comfort you most is readers are like part of the family, they give advices, ideas and so on. Isn’t that warmth your heart? It does to me. Let’s side track a bit… GE 13 th