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Chocolate Lounge

Happy New Year everyone !!!! Drafting this post at One World Hotel, and had my desserts at the Chocolate Lounge. Something that where am longing yearning about. Who can resist chocolate, can you?? I honestly can’t. No matter how full am I, I will surely find excuse to have bite or even a sip. How nice if this is opening another outlet in Penang, uh?? Wouldn’t be good for all of us, especially the chocolate lovers! Can you resist these chocolates?? Ouch… don’t pinch me… I know you can’t, and neither can I. But I am too excited to share these with you. Not to forget, Happy New Year to everyone!! Good Health, Happy, Stay Positive, Good Luck!! Chocolate Nuts & Sultane Crèpe (RM15-90) Princess of Iceland (RM10-90) Ms Coco Mocha (RM9-90) Little Jane (RM9-90)

Home Cooked - Rustic Grilled Chicken

Know what? I am so so so happy today! Not that my water heater is fixed nor my bonus is in the bank. But I can now connect to the internet. Can you imagine, living in here for 3 days, I can’t really settle down with books, or any other activities. Well, what else, apart from cleaning, unpack the boxes. Another thing that am really looking forward is tomorrow dinner with my family, and this time I am going to cook for 8 people which included hubby and myself. Last year, we were away to Kuala Lumpur for a short break, and my sister was the one that cooking the Christmas sumptuous dinner for everyone at home, and this year, I would be the one doing this job. First, I feel thrill, and second thought I am equally tense about the food that am going to prepare. Being a perfectionist, many times, you will just want to do your best to accomplish your task. In fact, for the past few days, I was busy searching recipes in the web, and surfing thru some famous bloggers’ website to learn their way