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Kaffa Espresso Cafe

  Exactly 3 months I didn’t take any food photograph, the last I took was in July and not even post anything in the blog too. The last I blog was sometime in May, and that was like coming to 6 months ago?  Though I did not lose the passion of writing nor photo taking, but time has never been on my side, apart from busy work schedule, busy business trip, hectic meetings, night calls / teleconferences, basically am living in a NO LIFE kind of situation. Not that am complaining about it, nor am enjoying it. But I know I am putting more effort in this job to make myself successful and not to let my superiors down. Life has not been easy, things are not that easy to handle too, you just need to pay more attention to it and make it happen. Because many people blog about many café, eating outlet and restaurants, that’s how I found this place – Kaffa Espresso Bar in Green Hall. When I got to know the location, I was skeptical, skeptical in a sense that the location like that basically h