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  SiTigun is a place where you don’t find any stress from the surrounding, and you can have a cup of coffee with a peace of mind. Found this place by accident when I read an article few years ago, then after a word of mouth from friends and family that recommended us to try out their coffee. I would have to say that if you’re those coffee lover and wanted something real strong, I guess this is not the place.       Any coffee lover, those typical one would prefer a dark roast coffee bean and it has its strong aroma when you brew. SiTigun is more of a place like for back packer that they can rest for awhile and sip a cup of coffee and a bite on a slice of bread. Well, I was here not to comment how great or how bad their coffee, but, just thought of sharing another place if you’re yearning for an American breakfast. Though nothing great to shout about, however, it’s still worth the value.   I love their motto –  A cup of coffee is a cup of culture,  A cup of re

Home Cooked Honey Pork Belly

I came across this post while I was googling on other matters, and find it rather easy to cook and it’s originated from a Japanese. Without second thought and much hesitation, I told myself, got to try it out. Even though I can cook, I find myself not a confident cook like others. Some how just lack of that in me… perhaps I am so afraid of failure. I know many chefs have gone thru many failures before they are successful. But, to me, though I know that’s the path that you ought to go thru, but I find it really a waste when the entire food just not eatable anymore. I always like how the chef cut their meat, or the way they cut anything … for example this meat, I am not able to cut per what it said in the post. Thurs, my piece of pork belly looks a bit in odd shape. And also the food presentation, the way they presented their food on a plate or a bowl. It looks like an art to me, in fact, it’s a piece of valuable art. Ingredients 350g pork belly Oil Blanched spinach

Chinese New Year Cookies: Nam Yue and Sesame Cookies

  All these while many people will make something sweet for the new year. Well, this year, I stumble upon my old Flavor Magazine on this recipe. I guess something different; at least it’s a savory type of cookies. Would you be interested to try? Ingredients 250g butter ¼ teaspoon salt 140g icing sugar 1 Grade A egg   2 pieces (25g) Nam Yue (preserved red beancurd), mashed lightly with a fork 1 teaspoon pounded garlic (I actually grated it) 440g plain flour, sifted 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, sifted 1 teaspoon baking powder, sifted 40g black sesame seeds 50g while sesame seeds 100g chopped walnuts Method 1. Preheat oven to 180ºC. Grease baking trays. 2. Using an electric beater fitted with the paddle attachments, cream butter, salt and sugar. 3. Beat in egg until well combined. 4. Add in Nam Yue and garlic; mix well. 5. Add remaining ingredients and mix into a dough. 6. Chill the dough for 30 minutes. 7. Shape the dough into 3cm-di

Goh Kaki 五腳基

       五腳基是個地方,會讓你 憶 起你童年的 玩意 ,像井字棋 ( Tic-Tac-Toe) ,接送棒 (Pick-up Sticks) , Congkat , 7 石遊戲 (7 Stones Game) , 這一家店就位於 檳城 漆木街 , 世界遺產 所在地 。       去年我開車路過這個地 方 , 我 在想 這 家店 不知裡面有什 麼東西 ,和售賣 些什 麼東西 , 一直想找時間來參觀,但我們總是找不到合適的時間來光顧他們。 聽說這家店開始營業於 2012 年十 月 ,一開始 時 ,他們只有 賣 果 汁 ,後來他們添加了一些小 吃 , 和增添 一些小 玩意 。 坦白說,這主意也相當有趣 和成功的 ,起碼 它深深的吸引著我。它 們 的食品名稱 挺 有趣 , 我覺得有點獨特非凡 的感覺 , 老實說你可看過馨花怒放,三馨兩 遇 , 菇芳自賞 ,熱情 沙 漠, 的食品名稱 嗎 ?       白面書生就 是形容 牛油烤麵 包, 它 也 可以 玩 井字棋 , 你只要選擇巧克力,蜂蜜, 蕃 茄 醬或黑胡椒醬來繪 製 圖 案就 可以 了 。 慢 點 … 就 連 它們的 醬料 也 有獨特 的名稱。 巧克力就 是 巧言蜜 語 ,蜂蜜就 是 瘋蜂 浪 蝶 , 蕃 茄 醬 是蕃雲 茄雨 ,黑胡椒醬 是 黑白椒替 。 好可 愛哦 !     另 一 特產 就 是它們的 香閨辣 妹 , 也 就 是五腳基 特色 面龜 。 每張桌子都有 一瓶 打架 魚 。 我 想 這 也 是五腳基的 特色 。 這 讓我想起了我的童年時 光 。                   如果你想回 憶 以前 童年的時 光 ,回 憶那 些年甜蜜的故 事 或 和 幾個朋友 聊天 , 為何 不 考 慮 到 五腳基 一 遊 ? 相信我吧 , 絕對 沒有遺 憾 。 Other Review Welcome On Board KC & KC Blog 记事簿 嘻咪录 Antz World 我的 Polaroid 日记 Address & Contact Number 發林五腳基 地址: 16F-01 Lebuhraya Thean Teik 10600 Penang. ( 余仁生


許多朋友告訴我,兩人很難煮飯 。 但我從來不認為那是難題 。 不 好又一 餐 ,好又一 餐 。 如果我們老是往外吃,基本上我們是吃了很多味精。儘管許多人聲稱,它的食物從來不加味精,如果常期下去也未必 對 我們的健 康 好 。 雖然我不是一個傳統的女人,但我深 信 一個完美的女人應該能做飯,管理家裡的一 切 瑣 碎 事物。 同意我的看法嗎 ? 這一 餐 可以說是很容易也可以說很超值 。 我買 老鼠 粉 RM2.00, 豆芽 RM0.20, 辣 椒 醬 RM0.50 和 魚餅 RM0.40 。 其餘的配 料 如肉末,大蒜,雞蛋家裡都 有 。 所 以 我說很超值 。 炒老鼠 粉 的食 譜 ( 產 量 : 2 人 ) 老鼠 粉 蒜 肉末 豆芽 辣 椒 醬 魚餅切成細條 雞蛋        燒熱 鍋 ,放入蒜末。炒至 香 味 。        再加入魚餅 。 輕炒一會兒 。        再加入肉末 。        和 老鼠 粉 。        加入 3 湯匙醬 油 ,同時再加入約 2 湯匙的老 抽 。        輕輕翻 炒 所有的成 分 ,再加入 1 湯匙辣椒 醬 。        再翻 炒 ,最 後 才 加入豆芽 和 雞蛋 。        輕輕炒,再舀出後,趁 熱 吃 。