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Ah Choong Restaurant 亞仲海鮮飯店

A 3 weeks silence that couldn’t split myself into 2 nor 3 pieces to draft a simple post of this corner. What has been actually dragging me so tight that I couldn’t have a minute to spare to breath or even a minute to break away from the busy schedule?? Sometimes, am wondering does this worth it? Well, many had advise me that’s definitely worth it, cuz, eventually whatever I’ve spent on it, be it the time or the money, it’s something that I mould it and something that I designed from my own preference. Many of my friends, whether is buddies, close friends, good friends, or even colleagues, have been asking me when is the day then?? Honestly, I ain’t have the answer for it, and honestly I am taking it slow … ya right… I gotta admit to myself, financial is always the hurdle for such thing! Ain’t it not??? From preparing it, till, designing and sourcing the materials, and even to the negotiating part, it does make a lot of efforts from each one of us. And to certain extend you could see