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Island Red Café

I was very much indeed wanted to attend the 2nd Food Bloggers Gathering which was held in Edelweiss that organized by Lingzie , What2See and group. However, I was tied down with this important family dinner which I can’t run away. It was an in-law gathering at Island Red Café , and in such gathering, being a daughter-in-law is good to be around but not to absent. Right? Well, let’s cut the craps, this is a new eatery outlet located in Krystal Point premises, and it’s operates by a few enthusiastic and energetic young men not long ago. This place was formerly owned by TM Net, and it was vacant for couple of months. Now it has turned into eatery shop. And it’s also many FTZ (Free Trade Zone) employees favourite place to have their lunch too, reason is simple cuz, there are many choices to choose from the menu and the price is absolutely reasonable. This place is much cater for the young generation, there’s sofa set meant for people to wait or even hang around after working hours, t

Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant

For those living in Ipoh will never find this place strange, in fact, it’s many families’ favourite place. Whether it’s for wedding, birthday dinner or lunch or any gathering, this place is full of people all the time. I was invited for a gathering last weekend and this is the venue for the gathering. And the food that serves were absolutely thumbs up. Foods that served were all the restaurant’s signature dishes. It was so delicious that my relative got to show me his empty bowl. First was served prawn crackers. It was an extra order for the chicken dish. This dish was named Winning Chicken (勝利雞), which I don’t know why they named it such a name. I was told it got to be pre-ordered, otherwise, you will not be able to have it on the day. Taste wise, it was too salty for my liking. 2nd signature dish is the Mixed Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts. 3rd signature dish, fish paste steam with tofu. This is something that I can’t seem to find it in Penang. And, it’s absolutely delicious an

Wedding Banquet in Gurney Resort

I know I have been missing in action for a long long time…. Not because of am lazy or what, I was completely have no time to blog anything. Thus, I’ve neglected this small corner of mine for quite some time. On top of that, many of you know that I’ve gone thru some op, thus, I have no chance to eat out too. Beside the point, I was absolutely busy with my annual task and also my brother’s wedding. I guess you could imagine why I didn’t show all the full course dishes when you read thru. Cuz, I was busy attending to relatives and friends. And also busy running around too. I was managed to take a few of those dishes and post it here. The banquet took place in Gurney Resort, which located along the Gurney Drive area. 1st dish… nobody could miss this out. The Four Season Palate, that comprises of money bag, jelly fish, prawn fritters, fried shark fin, and a sweet and sour seaweed wrapped with chicken meat. 2nd dish… The usual Shark Fin Soup. 3rd dish… Chicken with Prawn Crackers. 4th