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Ichyo Ramen Restaurant

I know I left a comment on Food Diary of Picky Eater before on Ichyo Ramen Restaurant in i-Avenue for saying that I would like to try out one of these days. Well, since today is my 1st day of work after the long break, I had a very disappointed and angry experience. Guess how long have I waited and what kind of treatment have I got? All in, I’ve waited 1 hour for 2 bowl of ramen, and on top of that, we have asked the waitress how long should we wait for the ramen. None of them get back to us, they were all saying let us find out from the kitchen. Till the last moment, we find it really ridiculous to wait further, we asked the owner. The man with dark blue long sleeve shirt came to our table, we asked again, how long should we wait for the 2 bowl of ramen. And the man with his arrogant attitude answered us, ‘Oh, if you can’t wait, then can’t wait, lor!’ My goodness, what kind of service is that, especially in this industry and especially at this point in time. Market is so bad now

新年快樂 • 恭賀新禧

恭祝所有朋友及讀者, 新年快乐 新年到,笑一笑; 好事连连,财运旺旺! 祝愿你在新的一年里 - 心想事成、 身体安康 一帆风顺、 吉祥如意!

CNY Cookies: Green Pea Nuts Cookies

My sister has been wanting to make Green Peanut cookies by herself, she likes this cookies so much so that she can wacked everything on her own. With her anticipation of making this, I direct Lilian ’s recipe to her. The entire work was started from 4pm and ended at 9pm plus. The most tedious part or rather difficult part is the removing the nut’s skin. Like what Lilian said, mostly colouring are on the skin itself. And my sis really follows what Lilian did, she bought those kacang putih instead of pre-make ingredients. Anyway, once the skins are removed, we grinded it as fine as possible. Start weighing all the ingredients and lump everything into the mixing bowl. Once blend well, we added the measured corn oil into the dry ingredients. Then mix again. Lilian also said in her blog that it has to be knead well, if it gets crumble easily, add some more oil. Then after, we roll the dough into tiny balls. The sizes of the balls are difference from one after another, well, after all

The Best Koay Teow Th'ng in Chai Leng Park - Heng Kee 興記

Where’s the busiest street in Butterworth apart from Jalan Raja Uda, where people call that Apolo. I can’t think of anywhere but Wai Sik Kai in Chai Leng Park. This is the busiest street so far that I know. In fact, how many knows about this street’s history?? I guess not many. In the 70’s this Wai Sik Kai wasn’t exist, and their original place is actually in front of the 1st row of shop houses in Chai Leng Park, where Penang Tua Pui blogged about the Yong Heng Char Hor Fun. Some how those stalls were asked to move to this place after 8 to 9 years of operation. And that’s how Wai Sik Kai in Chai Leng Park was named. So, what’s the best down on the street there?? In fact, there are many… but I always find this is the best stall among all. Know this uncle & aunty for a long time, and they have been selling Koay Teow Th’ng for almost 30 over years, so you can imagine are they the best in this street. My mom particularly like this stall of Koay Teow Th’ng, she doesn’t know why, bu

Ang Hoay Loh 紅火爐

Ang Hoay Loh ( 紅火爐 ) is not a strange place for many Penangites. Even those had worked in Penang or studied in Penang before will some how re-visit this place again. Well, why then?? Simple, reason is because of the acquire taste of the food served and it’s Hokkien Cuisine. Bear in mind, Penang is an island with almost 70% Hokkiens. Right? I brought my parents to this place few weeks ago, which my dad brought us to Ang Hoay Loh when it was in Brick Klin Road (Jalan Gurdwara) some donkey years ago. It’s a place reminds them for taking us there for dinner and lunch, and also the special taste that they like. Since it’s only 4 of us, we didn’t get to order a lot of food. Most important, what mom loves most is their Bak Ki. I supposed this is a Lean Pork & Prawns Soup. And not to miss their famous Fried Glass Noodles. It was full of prawns and oysters. And this is something that I’ve not eaten for a long long time. Just loving this. Pan Fried Oysters Egg ( 蠔煎 ). Though this canno

The Apartment Cafe & Restaurant

I know I’ve been talking about my recently KL trip and have not been posting anything from Penang, and I promise this is the last post of that trip, the indulgence trip or exclusive trip that I recently had…. Anyway, this is worse lunch that we both have ever had for our stay in KL. Hubby said he’s not going there anymore again!! Both of us thought of dropping by The Curve before we left for home, so, I told hubby let’s try out The Apartment, as I’ve seen many KL Bloggers blogging about it, and am sure must be a good one or a recommended one. Probably I have too much of expectation, it turns out to be my biggest disappointment for this trip. The biggest disappointment is the coffee which was served. Look at it, it’s a cup without a tea spoon, and saucer, especially for an outlet like that in The Curve. Disappointment 2, serving time took us for nearly 45 minutes to serve, and further more, not many tables were in the outlet. And mind you, the 45 minutes was only served us the coff

Imbi Palace Restaurant

Sometimes I just wonder does Penang has good egg tart like KL does?? Seriously I don’t know and have not really hunt into that yet. But am always lucky to have my best buddy to take me to try KL good food. Why would I say that, simple… that last day of breakfast in this Mama Mia fever period, Eve and family brought hubby and I to this Imbi Palace for breakfast. A place only opens at 10am on weekend and 11.30am on weekdays. They are serving typical & authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum per Eve’s comment, as well as Cantonese food during lunch and dinner time. What’s famous down here is their roast pork belly what Cantonese called it Siu Yok ( 燒肉 ). Hubby has been into reviewing good roast pork kind of field lately, whenever he sees that, he’ll order a plate and try. With this, he gave 2 thumbs up. It’s like now you see it now you don’t kind of thing. It could just melt it in your mouth, and the skin is extremely crispy. Other ordinary dim sum that we have for that morning was Siu Mai

The Living Room Tea Break

Know what… Before I prepared for the Christmas Eve dinner, hubby and I were searching for a place for a Wi-Fi service. And guess what, we found The Living Room in Westin KL. I’d just loved this place… so convenient, so good, so nice… unfortunately, not many have the customer courtesy like Mandarin Oriental. Anyway, just a short sharing on a tea break that we had down here. Hub have chrysanthemum tea for himself. Where I have a cup of brew coffee, well, nothing to shout about, and normally I do need some caffeine to boost up my mind. Hubby ordered something extra, spring roll. I’ll not encourage anyone to try this cuz, it was extremely oily. Perhaps they were rushing of time as they were all busy decorating the place for Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner.

The C Club

I have never try foie gras ( 鵝肝 ) (Pronounce it: fwah-grah) in my life, and as far as I know it’s an expensive dish. And it is also one of the world luxury’s food, apart from Caviar ( 魚子醬 ) & Truffle ( 松露 ). But, that night on Dec 24, Christmas Eve, hubby and I have the opportunity to taste it and we both fell in love immediately with it. It was so soft, it’s like a butter melting in your mouth. One word to describe it – Gorgeous! The day was started this way… I have not heard about this, neither do I have dine in here before. In fact, discover this place on my last food hunt trip in Oct. I know I know, I have yet to post anything thus far, but am more excited about this trip instead. Well, just one reason, and the reason is simple, cuz, I was moved by Mama Mia. [grin] Anyway, on the eve itself, hubby and I were wandering in the mall and we both wanted to have some quality time to spend on these 3 days 2 nights stay. We walked around to see what to have for our dinner tonigh