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Ta-Krai Café

This is my 1st visit to Ta-Krai Café that’s located in Juru Auto City. Been wanting to visit this place for a long long time, but many times, my suggestion was turn down. However this trip, I insisted to try out the food which is operated by Log that is next to Ta-Krai Café. Ta-Krai Café is managed by Log and it was established for almost 2 to 3 years. From the external, hardly could see anyone dine in during lunch especially on the weekends, however, it’s basically full house during working days. Perhaps the surrounding customers around Prai Industrial Estate is visiting this place for lunch and also Friday night, you will see a lot more customers dining there. As I mentioned before, I am not really a Thai food fan, however, once in awhile will definitely yearning for it, perhaps I like the spiciness. Anyway, a simple appetizer to start off the lunch, Prawn in Bread (RM5-00), some people call it prawn toast. Many would want this as snacks especially with a group of friends drin

Cintra Street Porridge

I remembered when I first moved in, nothing has been settled down, yet we got to go back to work, and at that point in time, almost every night we were out for food. And back to this Oriental Island after so many years, honestly we both were like any other strangers hard to find food. And around that time, surprisingly it rains every now and then, and that even gave us more hard time to crack our head where to find comfort food. However I remember I read the article from CK and Food Paradise about this stall. Hence, I told hubby let’s try that out after all, on such weather, porridge is the best choice of food. Of course the taste of the porridge did not disappoint us, and in fact, it really warmth up our stomach on such a cold weather at that time. With another plate of porch chicken, that garnished with ginger slices and sesame oil. What can I ask for more of such heavenly feeling? Fish Porridge Chicken Porridge Other Review What2See Penang Tua Pui / Allie Food Talk Foo

喜洋城 Hei Yeong Seng Chinese Restaurant

Hei Yeong Seng Chinese Restaurant is a new restaurant that recently opened its door for business in Penang Plaza, Burmah Road. Since, the plaza has refurbished and renovated, it gives many people a fresh look. At least, it attracts more visitors with one restaurant down there. Otherwise, it’s just another dead town. Yesterday was our first visit and it’s also a birthday celebration for mother-in-law. And, I would have to say that my sister-in-law that arranged this meal has done a very good job. When comes to birthday, birthday noodle is a must for many birthday person. It represents the longevity for them, some even believe the noodle should not be cut. Since, it’s a big bowl of Lam Mee, the waiter was kind enough to scoop it out into a small bowl for all of us. And the taste was unbelievable very nice. At least it has captured all our good comments on this bowl of noodle. After the bowl of longevity noodle, the rest that comes on to the Lazy Susan was a simple dishes yet full of

Home Cooked Wanton Mee

On a Valentine Day, many couples will spend some time for dinner, whether it’s a sumptuous candle light dinner or simple one. I think this would be one of our unforgettable one. Well, why would I say that… have you seen a couple staying at home not having candle light dinner but home cooked Wanton Mee? Oh ya, don’t laugh over it, but that’s true that we both are enjoying 13 wantons each and a plate of Wanton Mee. I got all these ingredients from Jaya Jusco, Queensbay Mall, except minced meat from Jelutong Market. Best to get such ingredients in the wet market, some how I find it fresher. To marinate the 200g minced meat, I used oyster sauce, pinch of sugar and 1 teaspoon of corn flour to marinate for 30 minutes. Wrap these meats with wontan skin and keep aside. Boil a pot of water to boil these wantons. For my case, I use a wok to boil, for that matter, I find that it’s easier to manage, and also it boils quicker too. What mom taught me was when we put all these wantons in th