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Hot Wok

** HOT WOK has been closed down ** Whenever we drove pass Burmah Road, you will tend to look at both side of the shop houses, especially your car stop at the traffic light in front of Penang Plaza. You will tend to look on the left which is the luxury car – BMW show room, or Penang Plaza. Further up would be the shop houses like Hot Wok is there, BBQ Ribs used to be there, but now closed already. Whenever I drove pass, I will tend to wonder Hot Wok’s Hokkien Mee, is it delicious in tasting. Of course, is always wondering but ever have a chance to visit till recently we both really running out of idea what to have. That day we just parked our car in Penang Plaza, and walked in to Hot Wok, can’t remember where we heard it from, a bowl of Hokkien Mee in Hot Wok costs RM7-00 and it’s one of the expensive Hokkien Mee in town. Actually I was a bit skeptical to step in, but hubby as usual has the adventurous spirit to try on. What can I say more, right?? Honestly, that bow

Amelie Cafe

Many had written about Amelié Café that located in the historical town – the Armenian Street. What caught my attention and eager to find out what do they have when I first read Lingzie ’s post. I kept bugging hubby to bring me there, well, he should know the place pretty well, not because of anything, because he’s a native Penangite and he knows all the streets in town. The 1st visit with hubby honestly I was thrilled, and it’s full of surprises, and the 2nd visit that I have was basically with my other 2 buddies. The 2nd visit was merely pleasant and enjoyable moment. So, I would conclude this place is full of surprises yet pleasant and also tranquilizing. I remember during the 1st visit, I got to know a lot of history about Penang, about Armenian Street. How would this name came about? And got to know many of Malaya’s Armenians came from the country around New Julfa, Isfahan, in what was then Persia, today’s Iran. This location had been a thriving Armenian trading settlement sin

Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant 金鳳樓

Dad used to take us here when we were small; this place was the place where dad & mom celebrated their wedding anniversary, and also our birthdays too. Today we brought daddy here for Father’s Day to enjoy back the food and the environment and services that we had enjoyed before. Golden Phoenix is the Chinese restaurant in this 5 star hotel named Equatorial Hotel in Bayan Lepas. If am not mistaken Golden Phoenix is a Sichuan restaurant and specialized in Sichuan food, and I remember vividly that we had the Mah Poh Soup here before. And due to old folks age, we know they would prefer not to have such sourish soup for dinner. Thus tonight food was basically very light and simple. At least, quiet and pleasant for a family. While we went thru the menu, we can’t deny the fact that the food here is rather pricey, but I would have to thank hubby for taking his staff for lunch and where he entitled for a 20% discount voucher for dinner. The voucher is only entitled for 20% and it’s on