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Home Cooked Mushroom Bolognese

I always admired people that can cut vegetables in tiny cubes. For example, The Italian Dish … look at the size of those carrots and celeries. Because of her favourite, I did try to make this on one of the evening. And that’s when I was home late and I really need to eat something to fill up the hunger, pasta is always the simplest and the easiest food to prepare. After all, what we basically need is mushroom, carrots, celeries, onions and garlics…. And I find it absolutely healthy. Oh yes, having a bottle of Prego at home is also necessary as well, at least for me. I remembered I cooked this once for my family, and they loved it very much. And with their compliments it boosts up my confident in cooking pasta dishes. Don’t you agree? Well, every cook is happy to see their dish is happily eaten, and happily commented. I always love to see hubby tells me, ‘Dear, this is nice!’ or ‘Dear, next time cook more of this.’ Or… comments from my family like… ‘Hey sis, think you sho

Home Cooked Cheesy Potato Chicken

2011 wasn’t really a productive year for me… in fact it was a mixture of loss, gain and surprises. Beginning of the year was full of enthusiastic to decorate the house for Chinese New Year, cuz, that’s the new house decoration. Followed by a family gathering during Chinese New Year on the day 10 th , after that, things changed.  From a happy mode to a sorrow mode… my Mother-in-law was leaving us in early April, she was died of lung cancer. Each of everyone was in moaning mode… and some of us are on vegetarian for 49 days. Then we have little one came to our family, my sister’s son is born. Each of everyone was happy to see him, cuddle him, hug him. To our surprises, he’s really good in laughing though he’s only a small little infant, which is barely a month old that time. I remembered I took a day off to baby sit him while my sister could dial in for a teleconference meeting, and even clean him after his poo-poo. I also spending quality time with my brother’s son for couple of days,