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Perak Road Bak Kut Teh

When I read Penang Tua Pui blogged about Perak Road’s Bak Kut Teh, I know I’ve not been visiting this place for sometime. This is the norm place for both of us to have our dinner. The other day, after our grocessory shopping, I told hubby let’s go back there again, without 2nd thought we drove all the way from Queensbay to this place. The place still looks the same to us, and it’s the same boss, but different workers. We ordered a pot for 2, with pork belly, ribs, mushrooms, baby corn, meat balls, etc. A plate of Yiu Char Kui to accomplish that, especially dip it in the hot soup. That’s the food heaven that’s what people call it! Of course not to miss the chili padi and garlics isn't it??? Best to have dark soya sauce on it. Typing this, could really make me drool already..... [LOL] And a plate of green, seriously the vegetables aren’t impressive at all. The oyster sauce gravy is too thick and it’s tasteless. Best is to have soya sauce on top of the vege and some fried garlic

Spring Chamber Restaurant @ The Sun

Not many people is eating out nowadays as it is noticeable in some F&B outlet. We were dining out as mum had some important errand to do, so no cooking for that day. The historical Sun Yat Sun reminds me of the new place that we had yet to patronize and from there we make up our mind to dine there. Surprisingly, the car park was almost emptied. We asked the parking attendance where is the dining place and he shown us the Spring Chamber. Well, nothing much of a change despite the building once used as a tuition centre in the eighties, the GE Institution if am not wrong held night classes for student who needed assistance to pursue subjects that they are weak at before its tuition centre were slowly out of business with some notably good ones like the KK Tan tuition centre behind the formerly Rex theater. The building had since been rented for other business trade until a year ago the Spring Chamber took up for F&B. Heard that there is another Café opening coming Tuesday just ri

Ah Keat Seafood 阿吉海鮮飯店

I was actually attracted by What2See ’s post on Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant over in Butterworth, as such I suggested to my family let’s have dinner down there last week. It’s pretty easy to locate, if you’re taking the Butterworth Outer Ring Road, all the way from Penang Bridge heading to Sungai Petani Road and left turn when you see the signboard says Sungai Dua, Bagan Lallang, or Raja Uda. Follow the road till you will see a Mobil Petrol Station on your left, and stay close to left lane, and you’ll see Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant at the junction of the main road of Jalan Raja Uda. Since my parents didn’t wanna have seafood for the night, we actually order simple food. I have to say the food here is tastily, and it’s full of ‘wok hei’ ( 鑊氣 ). Before we walked into the restaurant, we can actually smell the food… and that makes you really can’t resist to enter. Sweet and Sour Pork Rips ( 排骨王 ) was ordered. This is my all time favourite. Don’t know why…. And I’d just loved this dish si

Hoong Tho Restaurant 鴻圖酒樓

This restaurant is located in Ipoh Old Town ( 怡保舊街場 ), and how do you different Old Town or New Town in Ipoh then. Simple, just differentiate by Kinta River, across the other end that’s Old Town. In fact, Ipoh Old Town has lots of good foods, and one of the famous one is Hoong Tho Restaurant which has been here for many many years, if am not mistaken it was established in 1957. And it has now inherited by grandchildren. This place has featured in HoChak’s program also, Food Point of Interest has the short clips of it. I was there sometime last month, and I didn’t order their signature Hoong Tho Noodle. However, I’ve order the Wat Tan Hor ( 滑蛋河 ), and this is really nothing in Penang could compared to this. Reason it’s full of fragrant, where as in Penang, people fried the flat noodle ahead first then only they cook the sauce. Deep Fried Sang Min ( 乾煎生麵 ) is one of their famous dish. I didn’t quite like that, probably I prefer the Sang Min without deep frying. Does anyone know Sang

Starview Restaurant (Prai) Sdn Bhd 仙景樓飯店

I know I’ve not get over the Yee Sang thing as commented by After Giovanni . But I still gotta get it done otherwise, it will be lied in my draft folder for another year. [LOL] This dinner was held on the 7th Day of CNY, that’s what everybody call it Everybody’s Birthday. This day, mostly Cantonese will cook fish porridge and birthday noodle for the family. And Yee Sang is a must dish for that day too. Some how this year, mom is too tired to cook, decided to eat out, and here we are in Star View (Prai Branch). With all the Yee Sang that I’ve had thru out the CNY, this is the best Yee Sang that I’ve tried compared to Vistana Hotel’s Reunion , Kim Hee Restaurant in Seberang Jaya and Four Season Tea House . Since we didn’t want the full CNY Package, the captain was nice to introduce these simple dishes for us which consists of chicken, bean curd, pork ribs, vegetables, etc. My sister loves the bean curd so much, she said it’s smooth and soft. But I like Abalone that put on top. Dad

Four Seasons Tea House 四季亭小食館

Day 6th of Chinese New Year… another gathering from the in-law’s side. This time, it’s a huge gathering where it includes uncles, aunties and the rest of the cousins. At least, it has to be about 6 to 7 tables. The older generation practiced this gathering every year, and it is more of gathering instead of having food together. Well, I guess that’s another way of improving one and other’s relationship and time to catch up with each other. It was a simple dinner and it was arranged by the old folks. Food wise, of course, it can’t compared to the famous Chinese restaurants in town… but down deep in heart, the older generation are enjoying themselves. Reason only 1, they could get to see all their ‘cucu-cici’ all in one time. At this point in time, no doubt Yee Sang is always served first. But this Yee Sang that we had for many days its one of the worse. The taste was a bit odd, it taste like sesame oil instead of vegetable oil that needed to pour on to the Yee Sang. Thus, it has spoil