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    Many things had have happened in my personal life and in my working career recently, I guess if I want to share about it, it would take more than few pages to share. But writing it down it’s not that I want to talk bad about a person but more of pen down to remember what has happened, what measure to take to improve. Sounded very operational, huh? Well, basically that’s life! In life, you will tend to meet all sorts of people, people that are selfish, taking people for granted or even very kind and straight forward, some are even very very … extremely ignorant, some are naïve. When you encounter such person at work, how would you deal with them? Do you give them more opportunity to learn, to change for a better person or you would actually fire them? In a management stand point, I believe an organization will either coach you thru and developed you or they will fire you after a time of period like 6 months or a year. That’s the reason why there are many companies down

Kaffa Espresso Cafe

  Exactly 3 months I didn’t take any food photograph, the last I took was in July and not even post anything in the blog too. The last I blog was sometime in May, and that was like coming to 6 months ago?  Though I did not lose the passion of writing nor photo taking, but time has never been on my side, apart from busy work schedule, busy business trip, hectic meetings, night calls / teleconferences, basically am living in a NO LIFE kind of situation. Not that am complaining about it, nor am enjoying it. But I know I am putting more effort in this job to make myself successful and not to let my superiors down. Life has not been easy, things are not that easy to handle too, you just need to pay more attention to it and make it happen. Because many people blog about many café, eating outlet and restaurants, that’s how I found this place – Kaffa Espresso Bar in Green Hall. When I got to know the location, I was skeptical, skeptical in a sense that the location like that basically h

Sip & Chew Café

Sometimes having a bunch of good colleagues and good friends is really helping you to pass your day fast. Don’t you agree? When I told them I got to leave early today as I have totally forgot that today is my wedding anniversary. And spontaneously they suggested to me let’s go out for lunch, let’s celebrate your anniversary with you before you celebrate with your hubby. Honestly, that’s sweet and really warmth too! Well, today ain’t the day, but that was sometime a month ago…. Ya, it happened a month ago. Nowadays many of my friends will drop by and asked me, ‘Hey, anywhere for lunch?’. I was like, ‘Hello, am I supposed to do this job??’ Of course, it’s been my pleasure to share and even to blog about it. Though, work load is like getting no where, and my stress level is increasing and that making me no time to write too. When I created this blog, my whole objective is to write and to release my stress from work. And honestly, it helps. From there, it also gain some monet