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Soul Kitchen Trattoria

“Wow, you two are really having a massive breakfast, don’t you?” Giggly laughed. “Are we?” “Hope you enjoyed your day! Great to see you guys so happy and enjoying the food here.” “Oh yes, the food is prepared with love and care.” This is the exact conversation that we have with Michelle from Soul Kitchen. We went back for breakfast the other day, when everyone was working we were enjoying our ‘massive’ breakfast down there. It was another quality time that we spent together. Anyway, when you’re just like ‘sotong’ (squid) where people claims it blur, that means you need something to kick start your morning, whether be it at work or off work. I was one of that, that needed a cup of strong coffee to kick start my day. Once, a sip, the ideas could just flow freely into your mind and it will start thinking how to get things done for the day, and so on. Before I could think thru what to have for the morning, I just want a Long Black Coffee. And with that, whatever it’s in query, will be a

Cassis Restaurant

Sometimes having a half dozen of fresh oysters for lunch is rather luxury and indulges. But then if we think positively, take it as it’s a reward after a hard work, or a reward after of difficult job or a date with your love one, probably you will think that’s not that luxury after all. Well, I gotta think about that when I foot the bill for this splendid lunch for my loved one and myself. It’s the time that we spent together and the ‘project’ that we work together. I always tell my girlfriends or even my sisters, once in awhile, you gotta foot the bill, doesn’t mean you pay for that it means you’re stronger than the man. It’s something that you’re pampering him after a hard day work in the office or something else. It’s a way of compromising each other short fall or strengths in the day to day life or rather our marriage. Coming another year, would be our 10th anniversary. I do have a wild idea, but honestly I don’t think I could do it all by myself without him sponsoring me. But w

Manila Place Restaurant

Some people said the world is so small, wherever you go, you will tend to bump into somebody that you know. Well, I truly agreed with that… cuz, while I was having my meal in the new Manila Place few weekends ago, I actually bump into Christopher Choong whom is the famous photographer for many wedding events in Penang. First thought was like, the world is so small. Second thought was hey, am meeting somebody could give me some good tips on photographing. It was just merely coincident, while I was shooting some food on my table. Chris was suggesting why not I use the lens that he has, and flick second, he just handed me his lens and I’d just put it on and try. And the effect of the outcome was superb. That even makes me more eager to have one for myself. From the conversation, I realized we have actually met once in one of my colleague’s wedding over in Butterworth. That time I was not a blogger and not even interested in taking photograph. But always admire how people take nice phot