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Sushi Kappo Miyasaka 宮坂割烹

I fell in love with this place and had visited them continuously for 2 weeks. What makes me have such drastic reaction? Not because of their ambience in the surrounding, but the food that is captured my heart completely. It was basically like love at first sight kind of feeling. And that feeling really makes you feel like seeing them every now and then and once you don’t see them you will miss them. It’s the exact feeling that I have after my 1st visit. Don’t understand?? Never mind… let me elaborate more. This is a 5 year old Japanese Restaurant, the chef is the owner of the restaurant, the place is simple and doesn’t have the exclusive deco in the restaurant, and even the food menu is simple yet extensive. The chef was the head chef from many renowned 5 star hotels in town. You bet the food must be authentic; in fact, it gives me many surprises when we first came last week. Even the salad dressing is definitely different from many places, what’s the different is they are using Wa

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room 鮮定味台灣茶坊

Recently made way for the new outlet in Queensbay Mall and now the new neighbor for Sakae Sushi that located at 2nd floor on the Central Zone. Guess who is this?? It has also featured in HoChak program in TV8 also. Yup!! That’s right! Xian Ding Wei is the new outlet right now that occupying the former Swenson’s unit in Queensbay Mall. It offers all Taiwanese local food like 3-cup chicken, Oyster & Large Intestines Vermicelli, Beef Noodle, etc. You don’t need a passport to travel all the way to Taiwan to savor the authentic Taiwan food, but instead with what Xian Ding Wei offers, that could definitely satisfy your gluttonous instinct. What’s make known to many people about Taiwan is 3 cup chicken ( 三杯雞 ), well at least for me it does. 3 cups is actually the sauce that use for cooking this dish, for example soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar and added basil leaf, that’s why it named after it. Variety of meal sets for customers to choose from. They even offer mini Monk Jump Over W

Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant 歡喜地茶餐廳

Franchise business is now an upcoming trend for many young entrepreneur, you could see many malls out there has many franchise outlets, the famous one are Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dome, KFC, McDonald, Laksa Shack, etc. Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant ( 歡喜地茶餐廳 ) is an upcoming one right now, they claimed they are the fast leading Asian Fast Food Restaurant and was established in July 2004, within the 6 years, it was from 1 out to now many outlets, even 1 in Jakarta too. Food that offers are basically typical Hong Kong specialties, like cheese baked rice, noodles, fried rice, fried noodles and assorted drinks. Food & Tea has opened its door in Gurney Plaza for some time, it’s located in 3rd floor, it occupied from a disc shop which has closed down sometime last year. From the menu, they have food that is recommended by their chef and also the best selling items. And please be reminded, whatever stated with the best selling items, are easily sold out within the business hour. I