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薑汁撞奶 Ginger Milk Curd

Ginger Milk Curd or other will call this ginger milk pudding. It’s a traditionally Chinese dessert that originated from Panyu. It’s a dessert that easy to make but of course it has its level of difficulties for beginner like me and my sis. Reason for us to make this is because this is something not worth the money for like RM5 to RM9, it’s only a few dollars of ingredients and it can be made for many friends and family member. Ingredients Ginger Sugar Milk All above ingredients depend the consumption per pax. Step-by-Step Peel off the ginger skin Cut into slices Then blend Squeeze out the ginger sauce from the blend residues, required about 2 table spoon per bowl. Prepare 2 cups of milk And pour into the pot and simmer it till you see a little bubble surrounding the pot While waiting for it to bubble, add sugar per your preference Once the milk is boil till 70 to 80 degree Celsius Pour into the bowl which has ginger sauce ready Alternative is to boil till you see bu

Home Cooked Chili Crabs

This post meant for me to jot down what my mom had for this dish. This is one of the family favourite dishes. Not only to us, but her brother aka my uncle too. Ingredients – 3 to 4 meat crabs (with eggs, optional) 1 pack of chili (could get it from wet market) Curry leafs 2 cloves of garlic Wash crabs thoroughly and chopped into half. 2 cloves of garlic chopped, and sauté till fragrant. Add all chili and sauté till fragrant. Add crabs into the wok and fry with high heat. Close the lid for couple of seconds and open up and stir fry again. Keep doing this process for couple of times. Add curry leafs and stir fry. Then serve!

Restaurant Pau Kee 保記沙河粉茶餐廳

Know what… I actually planned to look for this shop when I got to know from WMW ’s post. I was searching here and there and couldn’t find it, ended up; I landed in Wing Heng Seng Coffee Shop. While we were about to get up and leave the place, I accidentally saw the shop and upset that we just had a heavy breakfast. But hubby was grumbling to me that that he didn’t have enough but hope to get some snack. Well, being a blogger you will persuade your other half to try out and take the opportunity to take photo, right? I was having that thought and hubby could really know me well, he was very spontaneous and brings me there for another round of breakfast. When we enter the shop, I could see WMW ’s post every where… if am not mistaken it was on StarOnline as well. Now, here’s the bowl of Ipoh Sar Hor Fun with Prawn Sui Kow. Soup base is fragrant, I supposed they have boiled it for long hours, the flat noodles is soft and smooth. With the prawns, chicken slice and some chives on top

Wing Heng Seng Coffee Shop 永興成茶餐室

To find good food in KL though outstation people may find it hard, but for local they will say that’s not true. For a Penangite like me without a GPS, I normally remember each place by heart. Just take this as example… many years ago, I took my family down to KL for a break, and that time we were lingering around town and don’t know what to eat. Ended up we landed at this place. Yes, this place – Wing Heng Seng Coffee Shop in Jalan Imbi. I remember clearly most of us took the soup version of Pork Noodle, thus this time round I took the same for myself. When I looked at my bowl of noodle, I could feel satisfactory before eating it. Reason?? Oh, that’s simple, look at the medium rare cooked liver just make me drool over it! Hubby was looking around other tables, and he noticed, mostly have another type of Pork Noodle, which he noticed, there are some Pork Sausages that is in a bowl of soup, and a handful of minced meat with spring onions on top of the noodle. That honestly attracted h

Crystal Jade Restaurant 翡翠酒家

What I hate most is I gotta figure out my way to look for food in KL. One reason is because I don’t have a GPS that could guide me to the destination, second reason while you’re doing your shopping in a mall, you will tend to eat in instead of driving out for food. And this is where I landed for my lunch when I was in KL. Crystal Jade Restaurant, if am not mistaken is a franchise chain Chinese restaurant based in Singapore . They first opened in Lot 10, and then followed by Pavilion and this The Garden Mid Valley. In fact, I’ve dined in one of their outlet in Pavilion last year. Food here is no doubt to query. In fact, I do quite like their Xiao Long Bao. That’s why without second thought we have that for our lunch. A plate of fried rice seriously is huge in serving. Just nice for two person to have. It’s fragrant, and you could see the bits and pieces of rice. Since I didn’t take full course of lunch, we ordered something simple like Siew Mai as well. Moisture, and the meat and

The Living Room

During my recent visit in KL, for the 1st time, I decided to have a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel, though we normally did, but for this particular special season, we dined in for good breakfast in The Living Room. The Living Room, is the place where you could dine in all day, and it’s a casual yet elegant and stylish place to dine. Breakfast adventure down from all kinds of breads, yogurts, assorted cold platter like hams, pepperoni, etc. Fruits juice like apple, orange, mango, etc… and even a refreshing ‘Virgin Mary’ shot too! Apart from that… all types of tea for guests to choose from,… liquor for breakfast, anyone? Food lining up to Japanese, Chinese Dim Sum, Noodle Station, Indian Tossai, American breakfast like egg omelets, sausages and bacons, etc. Per person is RM50, only if you confirm it upon check in. Otherwise it’s RM60 even if you’re a stay in guest. I miss the relax morning in The Living Room. Looking at these pictures that I have had