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Matsu Japanese Restaurant

    I have not come across any Japanese food that cooked in Fusion ways and it has its one of its kind of taste. Well, I would say it is creative in respective dishes presentation and innovative in its dishes designs, thus an article from The Star in April 2011 was featured this new restaurant.       Matsu means Pine in Japanese. The entire place decorated in a modern design and tables were keeping a distance to save guard individual customers’ dining privacy. It’s located at the mezzanine floor and it’s above of BatuBar. BatuBar is a place where you can relax and listen to their deep soul, R&B music, apart from that, they also serve Japanese Tapas. Do look out for their menu on your visit.     Each customer’s will be given a different type of appetizer. Ours was a steamed sweet potato cut into small cubes and mashed banana on top of it. Isn’t the Chef having a wild idea to impress his customers?       Rainbow Carpaccio (RM35) is the New Type of Sashimi that

Little Kitchen @ Nyonya 娘惹小廚房

        Does anyone know how does Penang was bestowed the UNESCO Heritage title in year 2008? I was told the guideline in conferring is tedious and under many studies for many rounds. However, I was lucky to have Mr Loh of Little Kitchen @ Nyonya briefly told me the main 4 criteria. That is the Main Gate, the Partition, the Staircase and the Floor Tiles. These 4 items have to be maintaining it well as per the guidelines.             A brief history about this place… Little Kitchen @ Nyonya was established in 2006, 6 years ago. It’s located in Lebuh Noordin, a straight of houses that were built in 1927, and it named eclectic shop houses which are from 1880 to 1940s (18 th to 19 th Century).  Before it was turned into Nyonya restaurant, they were mainly into Bird Nest business. A box of Bird Nest Tart can sell at RM50, pre-order 30minutes before and you can have a nice and delicious tart. This Bird Nest business was operating since 20 years ago, even today, they are still opera