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Chinese New Year: Steam Boat Dinner

Every year New Year eve we will normally go out for food, eventhough we don’t, we will do pot luck, each one of us, as in the daughters-in-law will prepare something and bring it to one of the in-law’s house for dinner. About 5 years ago, some how the elderly finally accepted my proposal for eating out, and since then we have been eating out, and we’ll start making reservation a month ago things like that. We even have taken dinner in Vistana Hotel, Cititel Chinese Restaurant, Red Rock Hotel, etc. Today, I truly understand and comprehend how our mother prepares food for reunion each year. When comes to this point of time, my mother will be stressed out, though many times we’ll tell her take it easy. You know what? It’s always say easy than done!! And truly is!! From marketing till today preparing… I was so stress!!! Especially marketing, people are bargaining with the food stall, vegetable sellers for better price. Some old aunties are even bargaining on chicken, what type

Hai Boey Seafood 海 尾海鲜

Happy New Year!!! Happy 2012!! May 2012 brings us joy, health, peace…!! Four adults and 2 heroes hopped into a 4x4, driving from North to South heading for seafood for dinner on a Boxing Day. The journey for KL folks is just merely a journey, but for us, we may think that it’s a bit too far. Nevertheless, great companion is something hard to find. It’s been awhile we did not meet up since 2009 Homedec in KL. And this gathering honestly, bring us back to the days that we had spent together. Am not talking about anyone but my cousin brother. Many have said that, 2 nd generation of cousins are normally not that close, but you would be surprised to know we are very close to each other. Sometimes you would just have to think through that it’s an honored to be cousins, relatives, friends, husband and wife and even parents and children.    My sister-in-law is a seafood lover, and my cousin brother doesn’t really fancy about cuisine, as long as someone look after his 2 heroes a