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While everyone is talking about Maya calendar, doomsday, end of the world… I guess I was busy making Ta ng Yuen ( 汤 圆 ) for prayer. Getting permission to leave office early to be home to make the dough, add in colour to make the Tang Yuen ( 汤 圆 ) more colorful. Last year, did not get to do anything all due to the customs restriction of someone passing. Anyway, today… December 21, 2012 is the Winter Solstice, Chinese called it Dongzhi. A day that what our elderly said it’s greater that Chinese New Year. Why would they said that… been trying to google it, some how just couldn’t find the missing piece.   Happy Dongzhi everyone! 冬至 快 樂 !

The Eighty Eight Restaurant

Whenever there’s a new restaurant or café in town, I will either patronize it with hubby, family or friends. But, lately I have found a bunch a new ‘friends’ aka my managers. They are bunch of food lovers, and they know I am good in looking for food, thus, they have never have any doubt on me for recommending them any place for lunch or dinner. The Eighty Eight Restaurant is a new place that I brought them to, a very ordinary place with no attractive signboard (except the bright orange sign) and also parking is a constraint to the customers. But food wise, it’s definitely recommended, and price wise is reasonable too. I remember very clearly that whenever we drove passed this place, I was telling hubby that we should step foot in here, and all because of the outlook of the restaurant, it did not give him any confident that this place will be something special. It was a farewell dinner that we host for our dear colleague. And, it was also a dinner with full of laughter.

Burps and Giggles

      Burps and Giggles… I believe many Ipohan knows about this is a new venture of Ms Julie Song. So, who is Julie Song? She’s the BOSS of Indulgence, and then the next question pops up is what is Indulgence? Indulgence is a fine dining restaurant in Tambun Road, Ipoh. A place where you could see lots of high profile people from Ipoh patronized. Been to Ipoh many times, and all these while, I am eating on home cooked food or street food that I don’t even have a chance to try out other food which Motormouth From Ipoh recommends from his blog. But this time, I am going to try out this place, Burps & Giggles! What actually caught my attention were the free and easy feels, and the simple decoration. Tables and chairs are simply got it from elsewhere, … well, that’s what I personally believe. A table without the top, but it can be fixed with a kitchen door. A water tap can be fixed it with a copper pipe and slightly bend it with a special design. Isn’t that a brilliant ide

32 Mansion

32 Mansion is a place where many couple will surely step foot during their courtship. Well, today I am not going to share much of how a courting couple should dos and don’ts but to tell you this is a place even for a family dining out is also a nice place to hang out to recommend too. It was a great accomplishment for us to bring our aunt over here for lunch last weekend, cuz, she’s the type of woman that doesn’t like Western food. To her Western food is something very luxury and it doesn’t have that wok aroma. Well, to cut it short, she’s a typical traditional woman like my grandmother, further, food taste is subjective and it’s basically required a special acquired taste. Everyone knows 32 Mansion is one of Mr Yeoh Kah Hock’s chain of restaurant, it has been established for a long time and it has also built a name within the community. Many of us in the island will hop in for food, for drinks and even for a gathering down here. Some even host their wedding banquet too.