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Garden Ferringhi

Heard from What2See on Feringghi Garden not long ago as well as my other colleagues on the ambience and surrounding. Thus, with our special occasion the other day, we decided to give it a try. We drove all the way from one side of the island to the others just to find out how good is this place. Despite the traffic jams and the long journey, we both take it as enjoying the sceneries’ along the way. However, when we reached Feringghi area, I was very upset and sad to see it became so developed. I see lots of developments up there on the hill, eg. Moonlight Bay, Shamrock, etc… Anyway, let’s talk about that later in my other blog . When we reached Feringghi Garden, I was a bit sceptical about it, cuz, it doesn’t look that nice to me. While we both were debating should we give it a try or should we go back to our favourite spot Feringghi Grill in Rasa Sayang; one of their staff came to us and direct us to their private car park. Hubby & I were telling ourselves, let’s give it a s

68 Kelawai

Dear all.... especially for Penangite..... Does anyone know who took over 68 Kelawai?? It's been demolished, and it's been closing down for almost 2 months?! Everytime I passed by, I'm sad to see this place is knocked down. There's no notification or giant board that placed outside the famous eatery outlet. This place is one of the best fine dining restaurant in the island... If anyone knows what's happening, pls drop me a line, ya??!!

Colonial Restaurant 雅品阁

One afternoon, we were on our hunt for food after decided to have fried dish course menu as our lunch. Well, where to as we were scratching our head to find a place and ended up at Colonial Restaurant at Armenian Street, diagonally opposite Edelweiss Café , the Swiss cuisine which I had published not long ago. Colonial restaurant is also an old dilapidated building which had since been renovated and put on a new coat of paint. The owner of this restaurant also owned and managed Fisherman Grill in Sungai Ara, Hai Beng Coffee Shop and Lor Mee at Jones Road Shop and the Kuan Yim Theng Lor Mee stall at Goddess of Mercy Temple. The food served in the restaurant are of Hainanese style, they have ala carte and set menu. The choices are not many but are enough to have a good lunch. We were not too sure what is the specialties food of this restaurant, we asked the waiter and he provided a few choices. We ordered Juhu Char served with lettuce and sambai, lobak and Kapitan Chicken curry and frie

Golden Claypot Restaurant 金砂煲

金砂煲 老少美味食品 婦人補身極品 滿月回禮佳品 Few months ago, when we had our dinner in Teow Chew Meng in Chai Leng Park, we saw its next door was doing some renovation work. Hubby and I were wondering what are they intend to do with this shop? Cuz, formerly this shop was a night club, and it’s been operating for many years already. Today we decided to check it out after these few months, and now it has turn out to be another eatery outlet in Chai Leng Park. The decorations is so pleasant, the only thing is if you have lots of people dining in perhaps you need to sit at the long table. Cuz, they do not have any big round table cater for 10 or 6. Oh yes, this is the place where the restaurant name tells it all, all dishes are serve in a claypot. That’s why you could see many claypots down here. What’s good about this place is, dishes were serving pretty fast. So, it’s literally good news for those are hungry. [grin] While we were scrutinizing the menu, I saw almost every table will order a fish head