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The SEO theory, link ....

I think I have been neglecting this little blog of mine for quite some time… 1 reason is heavy work load that I didn’t prioritize the task, 2, I’ve been really tired and thus neglecting this. Till today, I realize the visits hit is tremendously dropping down, I guess I gotta do my homework fast. I have plenty of those pictures and yet to be downloaded, so, please bear with me and stay tune for more food reviews. Ok, I got this SEO theory from Rainbow , and I’ve promised her I’ll do it over the weekend (can’t remember which weekend). And due to tiredness and busy, I actually call it a pass. Anyway, managed to squeeze some time for this … Ok, let’s start with who will be the next person that I’ll tag … 1. Ai Wei 2. Christine Leng 3. Christy 4. Lots of Craving ~ Joe 5. Tigerfish Start tag : This is based on the SEO theory that links to posts inside your blog are more important than links to your home page. I have selected three posts I want to promote along with my site’s name

QE II, Tanjong City Marina

Tell me which bistro , pub, restaurant is a talk of the town right now?? Hehehehe… I mean in Penang, la!!! Well, I didn’t know this place until my friends told me about it. Since Friday, after work, hubby and I didn’t plan to cook at home and decided to eat out and this place is the place for the night. This area is getting real hip nowadays, at night you’ll see lots of people, mostly youngsters come here for drinking session, gathering, meeting up with friends… and it’s like Bangsar! Hip, energetic, happening!! I was told their pizza is good, home made crust & rich fillings. I didn’t have that but ordered a Spaghetti Arrabiata. Honestly, this is good!! The tomato pastes are perfectly match with this dried chili flakes that make this so rich in aroma. Before the main course, we both actually ordered soup, I was conservative, didn’t want to try on others but only mushroom. I guess they were using the wild mushrooms, blend and cook with cream and garlic. Taste wise was so so, no

Cheang Kee, Nibong Tebal

Nibong Tebal ( 高渊 ) is a small town in Seberang Perai Selatan. Anyone that driving down to south would have to pass by this small town before the North-South Highway was constructed. This town though is small and only 1 main road in this tiny town, but, you could find good food down here. Like Chinese saying Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (臥虎藏龍). Why do I say that? Well, you never know there’s an eatery shop named Restoran Cheang Kee (璋記飯店), it’s a famous one down here. You could see lots of outstation people dropping by for food. And, we are one of them, the outstation glutton. We drove all the way from Penang to Nibong Tebal (about 20 to 25 minutes drive) just wanted to try Cheang Kee dishes. Those days, we will be able to see the railway crossing as per schedule, now that they have built this state-of-art flyover, I honestly couldn’t recognize this place anymore. Honestly, it’s so well developed. Ok, let’s cut it short… let’s talk about gluttons’ topic, aka FOOD!!!!!!! The famou

Starbucks Coffee, Sunway Carnival Mall

After several days of vegetarian, what do I have? Hehehe… an Espresso Flappocino & a Mocha Flappocino from Starbucks… honestly, don’t quite like their coffee…. it’s very sweet to my liking, still prefer Coffee Bean. This outlet is from Sunway Carnival Mall, Bandar Seberang Jaya. Feel free to drop by…

The 12 Layers Virus!! (aka The 12 Layers of Me)

If I remembered clearly, this virus was started from Jason (or he was affected also…) and it slowly extended to the others floggers, and now am infected!! Before I quarantined this virus, I shall spread it to the following as well … hehehehe… don’t blame me wor… this time, am going to spread to the Penang fellow floggers. Let’s go by this … 1. 24hr Mom 2. BM Kia 3. Celine’s Blog 4. Shiok or Not 5. Malaysia Best Layer 1: On The Outside Name: NKOTB DOB: If you’re good in horoscope, … am the most sensitive and sentimental person, so, guess what month is that? Current Status: A wife, yet to be mom, an aunt, … so what is my status? Eye Colour: Dark Brown (that’s what passport stated) Hair Colour: Dark Brown (original colour) Righty or Lefty: Righty Layer 2: On The Inside Your Heritage: Cantonese Your Fears: Loved one leaving us Your Weaknesses: Too quiet Your Perfect Pizza: Huh?? So far, none wor… Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Your Thoughts First Waking Up: If it’s Monday

Vegetarian Week

農曆九月其間, 到處會看到許多 黃旗飄揚 , 那就是九皇爺誕與雨的季節. 在這小島裡, 會看到許多信徒吃素, 這也是誠心祈福九皇爺規條. 然而因九皇爺誕, 也有許多老百姓為健康而吃素. 咱們就是這小數人民. 這三天假日裡, 對我來說也未必不是件好事, 可以利用這機會好好休息和調理自己身體. 吃素是其中之一. 這幾天來, 我的早餐, 午餐, 晚餐都是吃這些齋食品. 看了開胃嗎? 其他評論或者其他聯繫 1. 红龟粿心情部落 2. 孝恩文化 3. 中國報 4. 靜思空間 5. 全球华社網 6. ~*PeY!n9*~の部落格

She tagged me!!! 5 of 5

In my previous post, I said I won’t be blogging this long holiday, however, because Yum Yum Cuisine , I have decided to post one. Why?? Hehehhee… because I was tagged lor!! 5 things found in my room 1. My wedding photo 2. My kingsize bed 3. My dressing table 4. My ceiling height wardrobe 5. My study desk 5 things I’ve always wanted to do 1. Lavish shopping 2. Luxury vacation 3. Not working but have money to spend 4. Having lots of lots of good food 5. Get preggy! 5 things found in my bag 1. Purse 2. Tissue 3. Writing pad 4. Lip stick case 5. Handphone 5 things found in my wallet 1. Money 2. ATM Cards 3. Credit Cards 4. IC & Driving License 5. Bonuslink Card 5 things I’m currently into 1. Blogging 2. Thinking 3. Talking to hubby 4. Watching Astro 5. Drinking water Ahuh!!!! 5 floggers that am going to tag are ….. 1. WMW 2. TummyThoz 3. Precious Pea 4. Living in Food Heaven 5. Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!!

Sea Palace Restaurant, 海外天餐廳

Not too sure how many Penangites aware of this restaurant? Anyway, it’s located in Taman Pekaka, the taman that next to Tesco Extra (formerly known as Makro). This restaurant is in Lip Sin building located at 1st floor, if you approaching the restaurant, you’ll see a white board that listed down the dishes for the day. If you decided not to order those dishes that listed, they are more than happy to serve their customers. Anyway, it was a weekdays, whole family organized this birthday dinner for my father-in-law. It was more of a family get together function and also a birthday celebration. Hubby and I were late, due to back-to-back meetings, and we didn’t know what have they ordered that night. What we know was, by the time we sat down, dishes are ready to serve. Here are the dishes, …. Steam fish, stir fried brinjal with fresh scallop , Belachan Chicken, home made popiah, 紅燒 pig’s trotter, butter prawns, broccoli with mushrooms, and Lam Mee for the “Birthday Boy”. Some said the B

Northam Beach Café

It’s been some time I have not been to Northam Beach Café. This is another tourist spot. I believe many Penangites will agree with me. Why? Well, because any tourist that visits Penang would love this place, cuz, this place is sea facing, lots of foods to try, whether it’s local, or Philippines, Hong Kong, Japanese cuisine. So, why not take your friend down here for a 1-Stop food haven, right? I’ve not been to this place for quite some times, in fact, months… now that they have these gigantic lantern displaying. I guess that was because of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It wasn’t that distracting, in fact, it was nice to see. Many people will choose to sit at the upper level, cuz, it’s closer to the sea. Especially in the evening, you could see sun set, nice gentle wind breeze. It was so pleasant. Hubby was extremely hungry, so, he didn’t order anything light but get himself a plate of Char Siew & Siew Yok rice. I ordered something extra, in case the plate of rice can’t fill up his hu