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Cempedak Butter Cake

I have been a cempedak fan for a long time, I always love to eat Cempedak Goren / Fritters.   But recently many bakers turn it to Cempedak Cake and it has managed to capture many glutens’ heart and stomach. Honestly, it was my first time trying on this and it turns out to be everyone compliment comments on my Facebook. It was indeed an honor. Well, here’s the recipe which I’ve slightly twit from JeannieTay’s Blog . Ingredients : 250g unsalted butter, room temperature 160g soft brown sugar (as the fruit is already sweet by itself, thus, I cut down the sugar intake) 5 eggs (65g, A1 egg), room temperature 250g plain flour (all-purpose flour or rose flour) 1 tsp double-acting baking powder ½ tsp salt 40g full cream milk ½ tsp vanilla extract 250g Cempedak (weigh without seed) cut into tiny pieces 8” square pan Method : Preheat oven to 150 ° C for 20 minutes. Bake on 2 nd rack counting from the bottom. Line an 8” square pan. Sift flour and baking