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Burps and Giggles

      Burps and Giggles… I believe many Ipohan knows about this is a new venture of Ms Julie Song. So, who is Julie Song? She’s the BOSS of Indulgence, and then the next question pops up is what is Indulgence? Indulgence is a fine dining restaurant in Tambun Road, Ipoh. A place where you could see lots of high profile people from Ipoh patronized. Been to Ipoh many times, and all these while, I am eating on home cooked food or street food that I don’t even have a chance to try out other food which Motormouth From Ipoh recommends from his blog. But this time, I am going to try out this place, Burps & Giggles! What actually caught my attention were the free and easy feels, and the simple decoration. Tables and chairs are simply got it from elsewhere, … well, that’s what I personally believe. A table without the top, but it can be fixed with a kitchen door. A water tap can be fixed it with a copper pipe and slightly bend it with a special design. Isn’t that a brilliant ide