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75° Celsius Restaurant & Bar (Drinks)

** 75° Celsius Restaurant & Bar stopped operation ** 75° Celsius has just opened for business few months ago and we’re lucky to have Ken to arrange for a review with them. This part of the post will only be showing the drinks that 75° Celsius offer. Beverages from hot to cold, from cold to liquor provided. What caught my attention is this… Michael Jackson. Yes, you’re right, you didn’t read it wrong and neither do I type it wrongly too. That’s a drink that named after MJ. The drink that is consists of Tia Maria, Malibu and Cointreau liquor that makes this beautiful Michael Jackson (RM10-00). Apart from MJ, the common cocktails that we normally have it in many clubs, discotheques, or pubs are Tequila Sunrise, AK47, Screw Driver, Lemon Drop, Milk Shake Bailey and many other more. AK47 (RM18-00) is a type of cocktail which has Bourbon Whiskey, Brandy, Cointreau, Gin, Lime, Rum, Vodka, Scottish Whiskey and Soda Water. Mix all these liquors in a shaker and shake well with ice

New Secret Restaurant 阿南砂煲活田鸡粥

The last weekend weather was cold and gloomy, best is to hide in the blanket and do nothing but to sleep. But that will make one more lazy and not doing anything. Well, true enough I was extremely lazy when comes to such weather… not even in the mood for window shopping, having a cup of coffee in Coffee Bean, or meeting up with friends and so on. And what would help to warmth the stomach? Either a pot of Bak Kut Teh or a bowl of soup of Koay Teow Th’ng. Unfortunately my ‘boss’ didn’t wanna have either the mentioned. He was yearning paddy frog, and instead of going to Sin Geylang in Penang, we went back to New Secret Restaurant in Raja Uda. This is actually my second visit, the 1st visit didn’t manage to take any photo. Basically they do not have many choices for us to choose, it’s either paddy frog or eel. And now added chicken dice for either spicy hot or ginger onion. Hubby wants some spicy piping hot paddy frog (RM18-00) 宮保田雞 . So, a pot of that was ordered. For those that not

Victoria Street Wanton Mee

Once I read about Steven ’s post on the cheapest Wanton Mee in town, but I never know this is the one that am going to share. True indeed this is the cheapest Wanton Mee that I ever ever try before! 2 plates of Wanton Mee and about 15 pieces of Wanton only cost us RM5-00! It’s unbelievable cheap, right? We’re there on one of the Saturday morning, that morning was drizzling and it’s cold. We didn’t know what to have, while driving around, hubby was saying since we always wonder the corner shop that located on Victoria Street Wanton Mee whether nice or not, why don’t we give it a try. Without second thought, of course I’ll say yes to him. The coffee shop gave me a very inheritance and traditional feel, wooden chairs and marble tables and only 1 stalls that doing business. Hubby made an order, and within few minutes, our plates of Wanton Mee & Wanton were served. Noodle was springy but could taste the alkaline. Perhaps the uncle ought to change the water frequently, so that he

Max Gourmet 美食之家

Max Gourmet is no stranger to many people that works in Free Trade Zone or living some where that area. Now it’s opening its third wing in Gurney Plaza, and it gives more people to taste their specialty of food. We didn’t realize until last week, hubby and I went up there for a movie. Oh, talking about movie, if you’re a woman who loves romance comedy, this is a good one for you, ‘The Proposal’ by Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It was something sweet and romantic. Ok, back to food… while we know we have to kill some time before entering to the theater, hubby and I walked into this new outlet without second thought, and ordered what Max Gourmet offers on their specialty. And one of them is… Egg Tart, RM1-50 per piece. It’s not that sweet, and it’s definitely good to have. The puff pastry is absolutely crispy and you can’t even hold it for long, and this is the type of pastry that could make you hunger for more. Well, for now that works for me. Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chic

Ivy's Kitchen

Do you have the problem to decide what to eat when comes to lunch time or dinner time?? Seriously, I do… I have lots of places in mind that I wanna try, but many times can’t remember where is it or some how forgotten about it. Even though I wrote it down in a piece of paper… sad, uh?? I wonder was that the early stage of Alzheimer? Or am aging? Well, let’s cut the craps. If you’re looking for Home Cooked kind of food for dinner, that’s nothing better than this place – Ivy’s Kitchen. A place you don’t find MSG on the food, service is excellent, and friendly. Most important, the food is good! It’s a 2nd review that extended by Mr Tan from Ivy’s Kitchen and arranged by Criz for us. It’s a great pleasure meeting with some new bloggers which I have not met before… it was a great company that night. Before the food introduction, a brief on this place… a place that operates by a couple Mr Tan & Ivy. The restaurant has operated since 2 years ago. And recently installed air-cond at th